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Kerry Katona blasts Jordan for reuniting with Alex Reid

Kerry KatonaLondon, Jan 5 : Kerry Katona has criticised her former pal Katie Price a. k. a. Jordan for reuniting with cage fighter lover Alex Reid.

Troubled reality star Kerry, 29, laid into the glamour model, 31, for getting back together with cage-fighter Alex, 34.

“What a knobhead Alex Reid is! It’s almost like Kate Price is addicted to bad publicity… Is it just me that finds Alex really annoying to listen to?” the Daily Star quoted Katona as writing on Twitter, during the launch episode of Celebrity Big Brother.

Katona, 29, also took a dig at Reid’s penchant for cross-dressing.

Kerry Katona reveals secret behind wrist tattoos

Kerry Katona reveals secret behind wrist tattoosLondon, Nov 20 : Ex-Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona has two of her girls’ names tattooed on her wrists, so that she doesn’t end up slitting them.

The ‘I''m a Celebrity…’ 2004 winner is haunted by her mum Sue’s attempt to end her life when she was a child.

Thus, the troubled singer has said that when she is at her lowest she looks at her arms and remembers she has loved ones who depend on her.

“So many people ask me why I tattooed my wrists – one says Molly and the other Lilly,” the Daily Star quoted Kerry, 29, as saying.

Kerry Katona in the clear over alleged bust-up with her accountant

Kerry Katona in the clear over alleged bust-up with her accountantLondon, Oct 13 : Former Atomic Kitten member Kerry Katona is said to be relieved after she was cleared of all charges over an alleged bust-up with her accountant.

Katona, 29, had been arrested in August after an incident in David McHugh’s office.

“She is relieved that the whole thing is over,” the Daily Star quoted her solicitor Julian Linskill as saying.

But McHugh, 50, has threatened to launch a civil legal action against Katona, who he alleges punched him in the face.

Kerry Katona’s new obscene Iceland video

Kerry Katona’s new obscene Iceland videoLondon, October 4 : A foul-mouthed Kerry Katona was seen swearing in front of kids and turning to crude antics as she mocked the frozen food chain Iceland in obscene TV ad out-takes.

The former Atomic Kitten was spotted picking her nose, playing with her breasts, putting her head in the oven and walloping an actor around the head in the video.

The singer also yelped "f**k", "b*****d", and "t**t" after messing up her lines, leaving her child co-stars horrified in scenes from the 3½minute segment on YouTube, reports News of the World.

Kerry Katona ‘bought cocaine from mum’

kerry-katonaLondon, September 20 : Kerry Katona bought four grams of cocaine from her own mother, according to reports.

The former Atomic Kitten purchased the Class A powder from self-confessed drug-user Sue two months before she was caught snorting cocaine in a video, an act that the star claimed was a one-off lapse.

“Kerry''s been taking drugs regularly since she split from Brian McFadden five years ago,” News of the world quoted a friend of Sue''s as saying.

Katona’s ‘hubby wants to leak couple’s sex tape on net to ease cash crisis’

Katona’s ‘hubby wants to leak couple’s sex tape on net to ease cash crisis’London, Sept 16 : Already troubled Kerry Katona fears getting into more mess as hubby Mark Croft wants to sell off a steamy sex tape of the couple to alleviate their cash crunch, it has emerged.

Pals say Katona’s former taxi driver hubby tried to sell the idea to her, which has made the ex-Atomic Kitten even more anxious about losing the custody of her two daughters, Molly and Lilly Sue, to their father and divorced hubby Brian Nicholas McFadden.

Troubled Katona locks herself in “panic room”

Kerry KatonaLondon, Sept 13 : Kerry Katona has locked herself in the attic in a desperate bid to get off the money and drug pressures baffling her, it has emerged.

Katona calls the dingy little room her "panic room."

The News of the World quoted a pal as saying: "We''re very worried about what she''s doing holed up in there."

The 29-year-old star is surrounded by troubles after her drug snorting video went public. Her financial status is also in doldrums after her bank told her that she wasn’t allowed to open a new account or re-mortgage her 1-million pound luxury mansion in Warrington, Cheshire.

Kerry Katona ‘accuses hubby of filming drug snorting video’

kerry-katonaLondon, Sept 6 : A troubled Kerry Katona has been at loggerheads with hubby Mark Croft and has accused him of setting up her coke snorting video, it has emerged.

The News of the World quoted a distraught Katona as telling her friends: "This is betrayal by my husband.

"I know he''s done it. I know it''s him. I''m now wary of my own husband. All I had was my Marky, he was the only one there, he was the one I was trusting. Now I don''t know who to trust, he was my best friend."

Katona''s ex says he’s too broke to launch legal battle

Kerry-KatonaLondon, September 6 : Kerry Katona''s former husband Brian McFadden has confessed he is too broke to launch a legal battle over the custody of their kids.

The ‘Westlife’ singer had pleaded the troubled former Atomic Kitten to give him the custody of their daughters, Molly, seven, and Lilly-Sue, six.

"I want Kerry to give me the kids, and me and my mum will look after them for the next six months to a year to give her time to get her life together,” News of the World quoted him as saying on Irish TV.

Kerry Katona ‘asks police for help over missing millions’

Kerry Katona ‘asks police for help over missing millions’London, Sept 3 : Bankrupt Kerry Katona has turned to police to find her missing bucks, it has emerged.

According to reports, Katona had filed a complaint at Wilmslow police station in Cheshire.

The Mirror quoted a source as saying: "Kerry is determined to get to the bottom of where her money has gone. She believes that fraud has been committed and is determined to bring whoever did it to justice."

Kerry Katona set to pen tell-all autobiography

Kerry Katona set to pen tell-all autobiographyLondon, Aug 31 : Former Atomic Kitten member Kerry Katona is all set to pen an explosive tell all autobiography, detailing her cocaine abuse, her drug and drink-fuelled lifestyle, and her relationship with husband Mark Croft.

Katona, 28, has reportedly got several publishers interested in her book, and one is even said to have made her an offer of 375,000 pounds as advance.

Kerry Katona ‘refusing to give up drugs’

Kerry KatonaLondon, Aug 30 : Drug-scandal hit Kerry Katona has still not gotten over her coke-snorting habit, it has emerged.

The disgraced and bankrupt TV star is undergoing an emotional meltdown and just can’t have enough of drugs.

The News of the World quoted a source as saying: "Kerry''s life is in turmoil. Despite everything that''s happened she still wants to get her hands on drugs."

Troubled Kerry Katona threatens to ‘slash wrists’

Troubled Kerry Katona threatens to ‘slash wrists’London, August 29 : Kerry Katona recently threatened to slash her wrists after an emotional meltdown, according to reports.

The former Atomic Kitten was said to have broken down, waking her children, before screaming: "I''m going to kill myself."

The report comes after the 28-year-old was carpeted by cops after a video of her snorting cocaine through a rolled 20-pound note emerged, reports The Sun.

After cocaine bust, Kerry Katona gets involved in assault case

After cocaine bust, Kerry Katona gets involved in assault caseLondon, Aug 27 : Kerry Katona had yet another brush with the law when office staff called up the cops after she hurled a cup of tea over her accountant, it has emerged.

Accountant David McHugh has a criminal record as he had been jailed for fraud in 2004.

The bankrupt star is believed to have yelled at McHugh: "You''ve ruined my life."

Katona’s bankruptcy status to continue

Katona’s bankruptcy status to continueLondon, Aug 26 : Kerry Katona will continue to pay off her debts, as her bankrupt status is not going to be lifted anytime soon.

Katona had hoped of being "discharged" from bankruptcy this month.

However, the Insolvency Service won a suit on July 14 under which the former Atomic Kitten's bankruptcy discharge was "suspended indefinitely".

A cash-strapped Katona could now continue to be bankrupt until next year giving all her spare money to her creditors.

Kerry Katona to get her drug-ravaged nose ''rebuilt''

Kerry Katona to get her drug-ravaged nose ''rebuilt''London, Aug 26 : Drug-scandal hit Kerry Katona may soon have to undergo reconstructive surgery for her drug- ridden nose, it has emerged.

Coke sprees have left a hole in the former Atomic Kitten''s septum, the dividing wall between the two nostrils.

The Daily Star quoted a pal as saying: "Kerry is determined not to dabble ever again.

"She knows how close she has come to losing everything and isn''t going to take any more chances.

Kerry Katona gets police caution after coke snorting video

Kerry KatonaLondon, Aug 25 : Kerry Katona has been warned by police after being secretly filmed while snorting cocaine at her Cheshire pad.

A Cheshire Police spokesman has revealed that Katona has been given a caution for the "possession of a controlled drug".

"Following a police investigation, today at Wilmslow police station a 28-year-old woman has been cautioned by police for possession of a controlled drug," The Sun quoted him as saying.

Sources close to Katona have revealed that she almost broke down in front of cops.

Coke shame star Katona ‘desperate’ to star in I’m A Celebrity

Kerry KatonaLondon, Aug 24 : In a bid to turn around her wrecked reputation, drug scandal-hit Kerry Katona is urging TV bosses to put her back in reality show `I'm A Celebrity'.

The fallen star, who is facing bankruptcy, apparently hopes that the entry in the celebrity jungle would raise her chances of boosting her bank balance, reports The Daily Star.

Kerry confessed: "I would love to go back in the jungle."

Her call comes as drug squad detectives are set to quiz her later today about the "drug" incident.

Kerry's popularity had soared when she won the 2004 series of I'm A Celebrity. (ANI)

Drug scandal hit Kerry Katona ‘admits she’ll die young’

Drug scandal hit Kerry Katona ‘admits she’ll die young’London, Aug 23 : Kerry Katona’s stepsister and closest confidante Pat Ferrier says that the reality TV star has admitted that she’ll die young.

Ferrier also says that Katona’s got a hole in her nose because of drugs.

"Kerry''s life is out of control now. She is a drug addict. Her nose is caving in - I''ve seen it with my own eyes. She needs to get help or she''ll die,” the News of the World quoted Ferrier as saying.

Katona to be quizzed by cops

Katona to be quizzed by copsLondon, Aug 22 : Drug scandal hit Kerry Katona will be questioned by cops on Monday.

Although Katona has remained silent after returning from a holiday in Tenerife with husband Mark Croft, she will have to explain the covert filming of her coke snorting video to the cops.

The Sun quoted a pal as saying: "She has been totally stressed out on this holiday.

"She has told her inner circle of friends that she doesn''t want police at her house because she doesn''t want her kids to see them.

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