CASIO launches smart watches; ORIX provides good living facility for elderly

CASIO launches smart watches; ORIX provides good living facility for elderly

Tokyo[Japan], Jan.13: At the consumer electronics industry's largest event in the world, CES 2017, the iconic digital watch maker Casio made its latest timepiece introductions - including the brand new PRO TREK WSD-F20 Smart Watch.

Yuichi Masuda, Senior Executive Managing Officer, Member of the Board, said, "Our latest product is the smart outdoor watch WSD-F20. To effectively appeal to our users, we have positioned the WSD-F20 as a PRO TREK Smart. It is the latest edition to the PRO TREK lineup watches."

Under the CASIO Connected concept, facing the era of internet, CASIO have already made significant technology innovations in terms of connecting analog watches with internet, further increased the value and usability, also lead to the development of today's smartwatches.

Kyocera develops robust FPC/FFC connector with 0.5mm pitch

Kyocera develops robust FPC/FFC connector with 0.5mm pitch

Kyodo [Japan], Dec.2 : Kyocera Connector Products Corporation recently announced that it has developed a 0.5mm-pitch flexible printed circuit / flexible flat cable (FPC/FFC) connector with a suite of features to enhance productivity in robust assembly operations.

The new 6811-Series has already gone on sale.

Mobile phones and related devices have created rising demand for smaller, thinner FPC/FFC connectors. These connectors require delicate handling in the assembly process and may be damaged by improper insertion or unintentional manual contacts with certain parts. Kyocera's highly robust 6809 Series electronic connectors, introduced in 2014, were designed with this challenge in mind and have performed well.

Kyocera, Mitsubishi, Tokyo Century and Yonden Engineering complete 14.5MW solar power plant

Kyocera, Mitsubishi, Tokyo Century and Yonden Engineering complete 14.5MW solar

Tokyo [Japan], Dec.2 : An enterprise jointly established by Kyocera Corporation, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc., Tokyo Century Corporation and Yonden Engineering Company Incorporated has announced the completion of a 14.5-megawatt solar power plant in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

The installation, which began operation on November 2, will generate an estimated 16,060 megawatt hours (MWh) per year - enough electricity to power approximately 4,930 typical households.

Kyocera, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Tokyo Century and Yonden Engineering began project planning in May 2013 based on candidate sites disclosed by Hyogo Prefecture.

Kyocera begins annual illumination and concert at its Kyodo HQ

Kyocera begins annual illumination and concert at its Kyodo HQ

Kyodo [Japan], Dec.2 : Kyocera announced the opening of its annual illumination event which will be held from December 1 through December 25 at its headquarters in Kyoto, Japan.

A seasonal outdoor lighting event, Kyocera has been presenting festive lighting in the public space in front of its building and a giant Christmas tree display to help invigorate the community.

Since 2006, the area in the public garden in front of the building has always been illuminated by LEDs to produce an ethereal and fantastic night.

The use of roughly 190,000 LEDs of various colours and the 86-meter tall Christmas tree have created an east to west decoration.

The illumination of the Christmas tree will start on December 12.

Co-operative Bank to issue JCB debit card in Myanmar

Co-operative Bank to issue JCB debit card in Myanmar

Yangon [Myanmar]/Tokyo [Japan], Dec.2 : Co-Operative Bank (CB Bank), a major commercial bank in Myanmar, Myanmar Payment Union Public Co. Ltd (MPU), and JCB International Co. Ltd. (JCBI), the international operations subsidiary of JCB Co., Ltd., have announced that CB Bank will start issuing JCB debit cards in December 2016.

The CB MPU-JCB Co-Brand Card combines the MPU brand and JCB brand. Card members can use MPU's nation-wide merchant network in Myanmar and JCB's international merchant network with over 31 million locations globally.

Yamaha holds memorial ceremony for production of one millionth motorcycle

Yamaha holds memorial ceremony for production of one millionth motorcycle

Iwata [Japan], Dec.1 : Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced today that local group company Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. (YMPH) has produced its one-millionth motorcycle today since the company's establishment.

To mark this event, the Batangas Province-based YMPH held a memorial ceremony attended by Katsuhito Yamaji, Senior Executive Officer and General Manager Manufacturing Center, Yoshihiro Hidaka, Executive Officer and Manager of Motorcycle Business Operations 1st Business Unit, 800 YMPH employees, and other guests.

Tsunami hits Japan after 7.4-magnitude earthquake

Tokyo [Japan], Nov. 22 : Tsunami waves were observed following a 7.4 magnitude earthquake that hit northeastern Japan's Fukushima on Tuesday, a weather agency said.

Two persons have been slightly injured by the Tsunami waves.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the earthquake registered lower 5 on the Japanese seismic scale of 7 in northeastern Fukushima prefecture.

The weather agency issued Tsunami evacuation orders in areas including Fukushima, Miyagi, Iwate, Aomori as the first wave of tsunami hit the coastline 20 km east of Iwaki city in Fukushima prefecture, reports Xinhua news agency.

Tidal waves of up to 3 meters and 1 meter for other parts of the coastline facing the Pacific has been warned by the weather agency.

Kyocera to exhibit latest metalworking innovations at JIMTOF 2016

Tokyo [Japan], Nov.18 : The Kyocera Group will exhibit its latest products and technologies at JIMTOF 2016, the 28th Japan International Machine Tool Fair, one of the largest events of its kind in Asia, being held November 17-22 at the Tokyo Big Sight (Japan).

The Kyocera booth will introduce an extensive range of newly developed metalworking tools for various fields of industrial machining.

Kyocera Documents Solutions named "Major Player" in IDC Marketscape

Kyocera Documents Solutions named "Major Player" in IDC Marketscape

Tokyo [Japan], Nov.15 : Kyocera Document Solutions Inc., one of the world's leading document solutions companies, announced that it has been recognized as a "Major Player" in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Document Workflow Services Hardcopy 2016 Vendor Assessment*.

IDC MarketScape assesses the capability and business strategy of several vendors that participate in the worldwide document workflow services market, focusing on the capability of those vendors to provide clients with a road map to deliver higher-value, workflow automation and optimisation services.

By analyzing the kind of work in customer's workflow environment, KYOCERA Document Solutions provides optimal document solutions for various industries and fields to automate paperwork and process burdens.

Yamaha Motor wins first German Design Award

Iwata [Japan], Oct.24 : Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced today that its flagship supersport YZF-R1 model has been selected as the winner of the transportation category of the "German Design Award" competition.

This achievement represents Yamaha Motor's first nomination for this award, and was selected as a first-time category winner from among over 4,000 entries.

In addition, the German Design Award marks the fourth design award received by the YZF-R1 (2015 overseas model), following on from the Good Design Award 2015, iF Design Award 2016, and the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016.

In the German Design Award, the German Design Council recommends products from around the world which have already been evaluated as of a high design standard.

Yamaha develops FAZER R, an unmanned helicopter for agriculture sector

Iwata [Japan], Oct.11 : Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced today that it has developed a new unmanned helicopter, the FAZER R. on sale from November 2016, this high-end industrial unmanned aircraft (commonly known as "drones") model is designed for the agricultural sector.

As it can carry a load of 32 liters of spray, the largest ever in Yamaha Motor's range of industrial-use unmanned helicopters (" unmanned helicopters"), the FAZER-R will have the ability to spray chemicals over four hectares of land without the need to reload or refuel, allowing significant increases in efficiency and labor saving for agricultural spraying.

Now, an innovative machine to improve blood circulation of scalp

Tokyo [Japan], Sept.28 : Being able to expand a blood vessel with the power of near infrared rays which improves blood circulation of the scalp makes it an innovative machine.

JBM Co.Ltd. president Teruo Watabe said, "Anyone can receive the treatment. Only taking 60 minutes for normal people, after used about ten times the hair is recovered to its original condition. The sales started in May 2016. The production of this machine cannot catch up with its orders."

Including near infrared rays LED, this product uses four types of different functions, altogether 765 LEDs.

Since near infrared rays has strong biological effects, it is possible to treat ailments or the spots that other lights or treatments cannot handle.

Remains of tsunami-destroyed Japanese Boat found in Oregon

Remains of tsunami-destroyed Japanese Boat found in Oregon

Researchers have discovered a 25-foot chunk of fiberglass that appears to have come from a Japanese fishing boat, which was thought to be destroyed four years ago after getting a hit from a deadly earthquake and subsequent tsunami. The fiberglass was discovered thousands of miles away from its home on Thursday in the waters off the coast of Oregon. The researchers found several live yellowtail jack fish on board the flotsam.

The catastrophic event shivered Japan four years ago, killing more than 18,000 people and causing 300 billion worth of damage.

Rescuers abandon Efforts to save 150 melon-headed Whales Stranded on Japanese Beach

Rescuers abandon Efforts to save 150 melon-headed Whales Stranded on Japanese Be

On Friday, rescuers in Japan were forced to stop efforts to save about 150 melon-headed whales stranded on a Japanese beach. Before that, the rescuers worked all day to save the cetacean of the oceanic dolphin family.

According to local officials in Hokota, they only managed to save just three of the 149 animals. As the darkness fell, they were forced to abandon the rescue operation. The officials also said that as the rescue effort had been called off, there are chances that rest of the animals had either died or were dying.

Mild environment observed around supermassive black hole protects organic chemicals at centre

Mild environment observed around supermassive black hole protects organic chemic

Tokyo, Feb 27 : Researchers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) have found regions where certain organic molecules somehow endure the intense radiation near the supermassive black hole at the center of spiral galaxy M77, also known as NGC 1068.

Although these molecules around a black hole are thought to be dissociated by strong X-rays and UV photons, the research results indicated that some regions are shielded from X-rays and UV photons due to a large amount of dust and gas.

A research team led by Shuro Takano at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) and Taku Nakajima at Nagoya University observed the spiral galaxy M77 in the direction of the constellation Cetus (the Whale) about 47 million light-years away with ALMA.

Kenya's Olkaria Geothermal Power Plant starts commercial operation

Kenya's Olkaria Geothermal Power Plant starts commercial operation

Tokyo, Feb. 20 - Toshiba Corporation has announced the beginning of commercial operation of Kenya's Olkaria Geothermal Power Plant.

The official opening ceremony of Kenya's largest geothermal power complex was held at the site on February 19 in the presence of President Uhuru Kenyatta and other government officials.

Kenya Electricity Generating Company Ltd. awarded a full turnkey contract for Olkaria I and IV to a consortium of Korea's Hyundai Engineering Co. Ltd. and Japan's Toyota Tsusho Corporation in 2011.

Toshiba, selected by Hyundai Engineering to provide key equipment, supplied four 70-megawatt turbines and generators for the plant in 2013.

Olkaria IV started commercial operation in September 2014, followed by Olkaria I in January this year.

JAL to purchase 32 MRJ aircraft

Japan AirlinesTokyo, Jan 28 : Japan Airlines (JAL) on Wednesday announced that it has signed an agreement and letter of intent with Mitsubishi Aircraft for the purchase of 32 firm Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) aircraft.

JAL rates the performance of the next-generation MRJ aircrafts very high is considering Mitsubishi Aircraft's proposals for operational support following the delivery of the aircrafts. Mitsubishi has so far 407 MRJ aircrafts (223 firm, 160 option, 24 purchase rights) are on order, including 32 from JAL. Deliveries to JAL are scheduled to commence in 2021.

Nissan unveils taxi convenient for disabled persons

Nissan NV200Hong Kong/Tokyo, Dec 26 : Taxis are convenient daily transportation for the citizens in Hong Kong.

About 18,000 taxis operating in the city are sedan type vehicles having limited trunk space.

This makes it difficult for wheelchair users.

Nissan Motor recently unveiled a new generation taxi for Hong Kong.

It offers an innovative functional cabin that unites comfort with hospitality.

Shiro Nagai, a senior manager (Communications) with Nissan Global Co., Ltd., said, "This NV200 will make an important contribution to Hong Kong society, and providing mobility to all people in Hong Kong."

The new taxi offers barrier-free access to users realized by a universal design layout.

Toshiba Corporation to showcase leading-edge technologies at 2015 International CES

'Toshiba'Tokyo, Dec 19 - The Toshiba Corporation has announced that it will exhibit its latest products and technologies at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world's largest exhibition of consumer electronics, which will be held in Las Vegas from January 6 to January 9.

The company will showcase essential products and technologies for achieving the company's vision of creating a safe, secure and comfortable society, the "Human Smart Community."

Japan successfully launches 'asteroid explorer' Hayabusa 2

Hayabusa 2Tokyo, Dec 04 : Japan has successfully launched its " asteroid explorer" Hayabusa 2 on December 3, 2014, it has been reported.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) launched the H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 26 (H-IIA F26) with the Asteroid Explorer Hayabusa2 onboard from the Tanegashima Space Center.

With a launch success rate for H-IIA/B launch vehicles at 96.7%, this launch confirms the quality and reliability of the H-IIA/B.

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