Retail Chain Wawa plans Tesla Superchargers at 30 stores within a year

Retail Chain Wawa plans Tesla Superchargers at 30 stores within a year

US electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla and convenience store chain Wawa are planning the expansion of Tesla Supercharger network at Wawa stores. The companies will be deploying Superchargers at new Wawa store locations, to increase the number of such locations to 30.

Wawa is one of Tesla’s biggest partners in the US, in terms of Supercharger deployment.

According to the information released by Wawa, the number of store chain’s locations with Tesla Superchargers will be increased two-fold to more than 30 stores by the end of 2020. Currently, the Superchargers are deployed at 16 Wawa store locations on the east coast.

Wawa started deploying Tesla Superchargers on its store locations in August 2017. The 16 Wawa stores where the Superchargers are presently installed include six locations in New Jersey, five in Florida, three in Delaware, and two in Virginia.

About the expansion of Tesla Superchargers at Wawa stores, Wawa spokesperson Lori Bruce has told the Inquirer that “the company now has 16 stores with Tesla Superchargers with plans to double that by the end of 2020.” Bruce has also revealed that the newest Wawa store planned with Tesla Superchargers is being constructed next to Uno Pizzeria & Grill on Route 73 in Maple Shade, and will likely be opened in December 2019.

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