Bolt Celebrates After Giving Other Sprinters A Jolt

Bolt Celebrates After Giving Other Sprinters A Jolt After doing his bit in leading Jamaica to victory in 4x100 meters relay, Bolt stopped off at the 100m start-line on his victory lap and performed a forward roll over it. He did this right next to where the Australian, Steve Hooker, was preparing himself for a crucial jump-off in the pole vault. While Hooker took the Jamaican’s expression of jubilation in good spirits, the president of the International Olympic Committee did not seem to be very pleased with Bolt’s antics. He suggested earlier this week that Usain Bolt would do well in restraining his triumphal celebrations.    

Last night Usain Bolt rose to his third Olympic gold medal and third world record at the Olympic Games as Jamaica's men attained a scintillating victory in the 4x100m relay.

"I can't explain how I feel," said Bolt, who won the 100m and 200m. "Jamaica has done well at these Games and we're looking forward to going home. Sitting with these guys is wonderful. These guys came out and we had fun."

After 15 years and one day the United States’ world record of 37.40sec was shattered by Jamaica as Powell, collecting the baton from Bolt, stormed down the home straight to bring the team home in 37.10. Bolt had definitely done his bit. After he received the stick on the third leg, he crushed the other runners. Trinidad & Tobago were second in 38.06 and Japan third in 38.15.

Bolt, who was 22 on Thursday, said, "Jamaican sprinters are taking over the world."