A glimpse of what to expect from Ford’s upcoming electric sports crossover

A glimpse of what to expect from Ford’s upcoming electric sports crossover

Ford Motor Company is gearing up to unveil a new all-electric “sports crossover” as soon as later this week. Marking an expansion in the automaker’s EV lineup, the new Ford EV crossover will be based on Volkswagen’s world-renowned MEB platform. It will follow the automaker’s first all-electric Explorer compact crossover SUV that rolled off the assembly line at the company’s new Cologne, Germany-based EV plant.

Amidst mounting anticipation, here is a glimpse of what we can expect from the upcoming all-electric sports crossover, which will reportedly resuscitate the iconic Capri nameplate. Although the automaker has yet to confirm it. The Ford Capri was one of the most popular vehicles ever produced by Ford. It has become an instant hit after its launch in the year of 1969, with more than 400,000 units of the vehicle sold within a couple of years after its entry into the market. By the year of 1974, the number of Capri cars on public roads reached 1.2 million.

That iconic fastback coupe is now all set to return to public roads as a fully-electric sports crossover. The new EV in question is said to be part of the Ford’s deal with Volkswagen that was signed in the year of 2020. Under the terms of the deal, Ford had agreed to use Volkswagen’s MEB platform for its future EVs.

Ford has also remained tight-lipped about the release date for the new Capri EV. However, some unconfirmed reports claim that Ford has plans to unveil the new electric sports crossover on 10th of July this year.

Last year, the Capri EV was spotted testing on public roads. In appearance, it looked much like existing MEB architecture-based EVs. The vehicle exudes robust and stable vibes. Some of the passers-by found it to have a strong resemblance to the Cupra Tavascan, an e-SUV which is also based on MEB platform. The resemblance is quite evident in the two vehicles’ sleek, aerodynamic profiles and their overall design language.

The planned unveiling of the upcoming all-electric sports crossover represents a significant step forward in the automaker’s electrification journey. With its perfect blend of style, performance and advanced EV technology, the upcoming EV will appeal to both nostalgic enthusiasts and modern drivers alike, making a noteworthy impact in the highly-competitive EV market.

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