Hyundai’s Inster boasts cute looks reminiscent of adorable Casper EV

Hyundai’s Inster boasts cute looks reminiscent of adorable Casper EV

South Korean automobile giant Hyundai Motor Company recently revealed the teaser images of its upcoming subcompact electric vehicle (EV), called the Inster, which boasts cute design reminiscent of the adorable Casper.

Promising affordability, the Inster is expected to standout as one of the best compact EVs in the segment. As per the manufacturer’s claims, the Inster is the combination of “intimate, innovative and Casper," with a desire to appeal to the masses.

While nothing has been officially revealed about the Casper-based EV’s pricing, some past report suggest that it will enter the European market with a starting price tag of less than $22,000.

The automaker has already declared that the small EV will be made available in Korea and Europe, nothing has been uttered about its availability in the United States, may be due to Americans’ preferences for larger vehicles. However, Americans’ increasing interest in sustainable transport could inspire a shift in consumer preferences.

While one of the reasons behind the upcoming compact EV’s reported absence in the American market is Americans’ preference for bigger vehicles, the other reason might be its comparatively smaller range and fewer innovative features. The automaker says that it is targeting a range of 220 miles (approx. 355 km) on the WLTP cycle. It may be noted here that WLTP range cycle is used in Korea and Europe, but not in the United States. Moreover, the Korea-only Casper EV was not designed and developed keeping American regulations in mind.

However, there are some good titbits also. The Casper EV has an eye-catching, delightful design that seems to be best for a small car. It features a bulldog-like mix of blunt-nosed assertiveness that is both bold and adorable. In other words, it has charmingly exaggerated facial features. The available teaser images of the Inster EV suggest that this vehicle will feature the same overall shape, with distinct roof rails working as a respectable accent. But it seems as if it the Inster EV will get sharper, more urbane front and rear lights, which would bring it in line with the Ioniq lineup’s digital-pixel theme.

With the aforementioned blend of charm, affordability and commendable range, the Inster EV has the potential to make waves in the European markets. All set to be officially unveiled in late June, the Inster represents a bold step towards redefining the appeal of small, city-friendly EVs.

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