Indians laugh away their blues on World Laughter Day

World Laughter DayNew Delhi, May 4 : People across the country today laughed away their blues on occasion of the World Laughter day that is celebrated across the world every year on the first Sunday of May.

People of all age group sat together and laughed their hearts out in New Delhi with a belief that laughter not only increases one's face value, but also helps in proliferating oxygen to various parts of the body, which helps in keeping the body active all day.

The participants did yoga with laughter to get a healthy mind and body.

“As vitamins and fruits are important to keep our body healthy, laughter also acts as a vitamin for our mind and body. It rejuvenates us and fills us with vigor and vitality. It energizes us by relieving our tensions,” said Jiten Kohli, instructor.

The scene in Mumbai was no different as people grouped to laugh and propagate the message of health and joy on the 'World Laughter Day'. The atmosphere reverberated with the sounds of their hearty laughs.

“Today is the World Laughter Day and the mission of the World Laughter Day is good health, joy and world peace through laughter,” said Madan Kataria, Yoga Guru.

In Bhopal, people from all walks of life gathered in streets chuckling, giggling and chortling as they tried to propagate the benefits of laughter by taking out a laughter rally on roads. (ANI)

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