Lease prices for Chevy Blazer EV now almost equal to gas-powered models

Lease prices for Chevy Blazer EV now almost equal to gas-powered models

For those who might be considering the shift to electric mobility, the new fully-electric Chevy Blazer EV offers a compelling reason. With General Motors continuing to make EVs more accessible and attractive than ever before, leasing the Chevy Blazer EV costs just $10 per month extra than its gas-powered counterpart.

The 2024 Chevy Blazer EV, which is part of the automobile giant’s revamped EV lineup, experienced a notable cut in its prices in the month of March this year. Now, it starts at slightly more than $50,000. However, its effective price is just around $42,695, thanks to its eligibility for the federal government’s $7,500 tax credit.

While the Chevy Blazer EV costs roughly $13,000 more than its gas-powered counterpart, difference in lease prices of as little as $10 more per month makes it a smart choice not only in terms of environmental protection but also an economically savvy one.

According to information shared by GM, a lower-priced LT FWD model of the vehicle, with price tag of below $50,000, will enter the market later this year.

The 2024 Blazer EV is available for $369 a month for a period of 24 months, with an upfront signing amount of $1,679. Available through 2nd of July, this offer is based on the EV’s MSRP of $50,195 for the 2LT trim level and 10,000 miles of range per annum. It also includes an incentive of $1,000 for non-GM lessees.

When it comes to the gas-powered Blazer, which starts at $36,795, this vehicle is available for $299 a month for a period of 24 months and $3,129 due at the time of signing of the deal.
The lease cost for the Chevy Blazer EV settles at $439 a month, while the same for gas-powered model costs $429 a month.

According to market experts, the negligible gas in the lease prices of the gas-powered and EV variants of the vehicle is likely because of the EV’s residual value. The EV is said to have a residual value of 82 per cent compared to the gas model’s 69 per cent.

With its lease prices almost on par with its gas-powered counterpart, the all-electric Chevy Blazer EV presents a nearly invincible deal in the highly competitive electric car market. The eye-catching affordability, coupled with significant tax credits, makes the eco-friendly Chevy Blazer EV an attractive option from anyone who might be considering to shift from a conventional gas-powered vehicle to an eco-friendly transportation solution.

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