LG makes various announcements at GSMA World Congress 2009

LG makes various announcements at GSMA World Congress 2009 At the GSMA World Congress 2009, a number of announcements were made by the LG Electronics, one of which included its alliance with Microsoft to make Windows Mobile the chief operating system for the company's smartphones.

It was announced by LG that as part of the agreement, a tenfold increase of Windows Mobile devices in 2009 would be created by it. The company got things started with the introduction of LG-GM730.

It has come to vision that the GM730 would be started shipping by LG during the first half of 2009. The company informed that it will run Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Edition. However, it was confirmed by the company that it would launch a Windows Mobile 6.5 version in the second half of the year.

However, it should be noted that users can get LG's new S-Class 3D user interface instantly. A cube layout with four customizable home screens is featured in S-Class, which the users can rotate through with the flick of a finger.

However, no more details could be gathered about the smartphone. However, it has been confirmed that it will feature Internet Explorer Mobile 6.0 and is 0.46-inch thick. LG will soon come out with more announcements and also there would be some news about a North American release.

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