McLaren’s new e-bikes outshine KTM SuperDuke 1390 in torque

McLaren’s new e-bikes outshine KTM SuperDuke 1390 in torque

The word “McLaren” brings the image of Formula 1 sportscars and sleek supercars, but that is now going to change as the brand is now venturing into the domain of electric bikes (e-bikes). McLaren recently announced the launch of a limited-edition range of electric trail-riding bikes, or so-called “electric hyperbikes,” which claim to be the most powerful trail-legal electric mountain bikes available in the market. The limited-edition range consists of four e-bikes, viz. the McLaren Extreme 600W, McLaren Extreme 250W, McLaren Sport 600W and McLaren Sport 250W.

All of the aforementioned four models are as performance-orientated as one can expect from the renowned brand. In fact, the new e-bikes have been designed by the same engineers who have designed the brand's eye-catching supercars.

The McLaren Sport range offers an all-purpose hardtail electric mountain bike that boasts ability to tackle general as well as single-track off-road routes. This e-bike comes equipped with the mechanical SRAM GX Eagle twelve-speed drivetrain. The Extreme electric mountain bike comes equipped with a full-suspension system that has specifically been designed to ensure maximum off-road performance. In addition, it has the SRAM wireless XX Eagle twelve-speed drivetrain.

Full-color LDC displays on the new e-bikes are quite similar to the ones that are found in McLaren cars. These displays provide telemetry information, including the two-wheeler’s speed and remaining battery life.

The McLaren Extreme 600W and Sport 600W e-bikes boast capability to generate 118-pound feet of torque, which outshines the torque of a KTM 1390 SuperDuke R.

Naturally, McLaren has fitted the new e-bikes with multiple power modes to ensure seamless control during a ride. The five power modes, viz. Off (no motor assist), Eco (energy conservation for longer riding), Race (max power & max torque), Sport (extra power output for when the trail demands more), and Trail (A set-it-and-forget-it balance of power & efficiency) can be selected through the digital display.

It may be noted here that the most powerful street-legal e-bike looks like a great achievement but one can raise question what is the use of such a great toque when a street-legal bike can’t surpass the limit of 20 miles per hour (mph).

With the newly-launched models, McLaren seems to be all set to redefine the capabilities of trail-legal electric mountain bikes. In addition, the limited-edition range of new e-bikes marks a bold direction for the world-renowned supercar manufacturer.

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