Modi invites tech industry to Gujarat

Modi invites tech industry to Gujarat  Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi asked Indian Information Technology (IT) to follow the foot steps of Nano and invest in the state. The state would extend all facilities and create industry friendly environment for the IT industry.

He was addressing the ICT event held in Bangalore. Modi asked for the need to come out of comfortable zone and engage in product manufacturing.

He also asked IT industry to reinvest in research and development activities to produce sustainable products. He said that services may offer low profit but product manufacturing can offer high earning.

He asked for the need to develop MS Window, Google or Yahoo like services in the country as it has sufficient talent and workforce for it. Industry should develop products instead of clinging to service sector only. It is the need of the hour to do every thing possible for sustaining growth in each sector of economy for emergence of India as a global leader.

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