Mushroom farming becoming popular in Himachal

Mushroom farming becoming popular in HimachalSolan (Himachal Pradesh), Apr 22: Mushroom farming is getting popular in Himachal Pradesh as many farmers are switching over to it.

The educated youth in Solan district of the state are also adopting mushroom farming as it is adding to their financial strength.

According to farmers, they are earning a good amount of money from mushroom farming which is a low cost affair and is thus profitable.

"White button mushrooms are grown here. Climatic condition of Himachal Pradesh is very suitable for mushroom farming. There are lots of mushroom growers here and many youth are getting attracted towards it. Also, its cultivation generates good income," said Vikas a mushroom farmer.

Many mushroom farmers consult scientists at the National Research Center for Mushroom near Solan to improve the quality of the product.

The Centre is educating farmers and locals about mushroom farming and has become a source for inspiration to them.

"We teach how to grow variety of mushrooms and in what temperature and also what kind of manures should be used for its farming. From the beginning, we hold training for the farmers, entrepreneurs and stakeholders. Last year, we organised 13 training programmes in the whole world," said Manjeet Singh, Director, National Research Centre for Mushroom.

Mushroom farming was adopted first in Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. About 80 to 85 per cent of white button mushrooms are grown here.

Apart from these states, mushrooms are also being grown in Haryana during winters. (ANI)

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