Air India-Indian Employees To Get Employee Stock Options

The Air India-IndianAir India amalgamation, blustered as the major conjoining in the Indian skies. It may bring a windfall to more than 32,000 workforces of both the companies. Post-merger, the administration is planning to give out employee stock options (Esops) to their employees.
A government official stated that the newly engaged company is named as ‘National Aviation Company,’ which owns up 7.32 crore shares, and a paid-up capital of Rs 73.25 crore.
The total number of shares has been attained after arrogating an exchange proportion of 8:1 that entails eight shares of the blending groups equivalent one share of the new entity.

Microsoft Bandages Ani Vulnerability

The Tuesdays’ Microsoft Corp.Microsoft "critical" out-of cycle security update release has fi

Rupee Surges to 8-Years High against Dollar

The Indian Rupee, on Wednesday, surged to its highest level in nearly 8 years. The Rupee traded 43 to a dollar as banks sold the US unit to raise funds to meet statutory reserve requirements.
According to reports, ending at 43.065/075 on Tuesday, the rupee was at 42.925/935 per dollar at 10:15 am on Wednesday, off an early high of 42.84, it’s strongest since June 1, 1999, when it traded at 42.83.
The Rupee has gained about 9.5 % since hitting a 3-year low last July, and the central bank is thought to be uneasy with the rupee's pace of appreciation.

Indian Hotels All Set To Buy US Hotel

According to BSE reports, the Tata Group Company, Indian Hotels, through its 100% subsidiary company, is all set to take over San Francisco based Hotel Campton Place in a deal of expected value $60

Cement Shares Drop Precipitously

Cement Shares Drop Precipitously

The shares in cement firms dropped precipitously on Wednesday, after the government’s trashing some duties to help imports and rein in domestic prices.

Sony Drops PSP Prices

Sony Computer Sony Computer EntertainmentEntertainment America (SCEA


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