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Mika Photos

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Indi-pop singer Mika

Jalandhar, Dec. 12 :Indi-pop singer Mika was at his best when he performed at the Bagpiper Mauja hi Mauja concert in Jalandhar.

With Mika churning out his best numbers one after another, the crowd went mad. Children, teenagers along with not so young couples, all were seen dancing, shaking legs to the songs.

Demand of `once more' arose from the crowd at regular intervals and Mika obliged. Super hit song such as Mauja hi Mauja, Aye Ganpat, Sawan mein lag gayi aag, you name them and the ever energetic Mika had those ready.

But with all fun and entertainment to offer, Mika didn't forget to pay homage to people who lost their lives in the recent Mumbai attack.