Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt could have run 9.55 seconds in Olympic final: Scientists

Usain BoltLondon, Sep 11 : Scientists believe that Jamaican Usain Bolt could have run 9.55sec at the Beijing Olympics if he had not started celebrating before the finish line.

Bolt set a world record of 9.69 in winning the 100metre, but slowed down in the last 10metre, slapping his chest as he crossed the line.

Australia’s national sprint coach Paul Hallam agrees with physicists from the University of Oslo, Norway, who through a series of calculations have come up with the figure of 9.55.

Bolt Celebrates After Giving Other Sprinters A Jolt

Bolt Celebrates After Giving Other Sprinters A Jolt After doing his bit in leading Jamaica to victory in 4x100 meters relay, Bolt stopped off at the 100m start-line on his victory lap and performed a forward roll over it. He did this right next to where the Australian, Steve Hooker, was preparing himself for a crucial jump-off in the pole vault. While Hooker took the Jamaican’s expression of jubilation in good spirits, the president of the International Olympic Committee did not seem to be very pleased with Bolt’s antics. He suggested earlier this week that Usain Bolt would do well in restraining his triumphal celebrations.