Bulgaria shocked by macabre family murders

Sofia - Bulgaria was in shock Thursday over a macabre family murder in the south of the country which left two children dead and five others seriously injured.

Bulgarian president backs pipelines bypassing Ukraine

BulgariaMoscow - Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov meeting in Moscow with his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev, on Thursday called for more urgency in building alternative pipeline routes to carry Russian gas to Europe bypassing Ukraine.

The former Soviet state, which is almost wholly dependent on Russian gas for heat, was severely hit by a dispute between Russia and Ukraine last month that severed its supplies of gas for nearly two weeks amid freezing temperatures.

Protesting Bulgarian farmers block traffic, borders

BulgariaSofia - Bulgarian farmers blocked border crossings and roads in the north and south of the country Wednesday, demanding higher prices for agricultural products, local media reported.

At Russe, the only bridge across the Danube along Bulgaria's border with Romania, was also blocked. The barricades were being briefly lifted once in every two hours to allow some of the waiting trucks passage to Romania.

To the east, at Vidin, police removed a human chain formed by protestors to end the blockade of a ferry across Danube and a roadblock was lifted on a road leading to Romania at Oryachovo, between Russe and Vidin.

Bulgarian President Parvanov to discuss gas in Moscow

Bulgaria MapSofia - Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov would travel to

Greeks farmers continue to block border crossing with Bulgaria

BulgariaAthens - Greek farmers protesting low prices for their products continued to block the main border crossing with Bulgaria on Friday.

Thousands of farmers lifted their road blocks in the northern prefectures of Macedonia and Thrace after accepting an emergency aid package by the government.

In the past week and a half, thousands of farmers used their tractors to create more than 70 roadblocks along all the main highways across Greece.

Bulgarian parlaiment wants old Kozloduy reactors restarted

BulgariaSofia- Saying the country is under pressure from the global financial troubles and wary of another gas crisis, Bulgaria's parliament ordered Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev's cabinet on Friday to explore the possibilities for the restart of dormant nuclear reactors.

The assembly voted 140-48 for the motion to prod the government into trying to negotiate a new lease of life for two of the four Soviet-era reactors at the Kozloduy power plant.

The 2006 closure of two 440-megawatt reactors, considered unsafe by the European Union, was one of the conditions Bulgaria had to meet to join the bloc in 2007.