Gujarat’s eco-friendly Oreva motorbike to reach other States very soon

Ajanta LimitedRajkot (Gujarat), Oct. 27 : Oreva, an eco-friendly motorbike, which has been indigenously designed and manufactured by a Morbi-based Ajanta Limited Co. of Gujarat, is all set to hit the roads in its neighbouring States here.

The company apart from Gujarat has targetted its e-bikes for the States of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

According to the manufacturers, their trendy looking and battery powered Oreva is the cheapest two-wheeler available in the e-bike segment. The motorbike is battery powered.

Recession pushes down demand for corporate gifts and sweets in Gujarat

Ahmedabad, Oct 25 : With the festival of lights ''Diwali'' just round the corner, companies caught up in the global financial crisis have cut down on corporate gifts.

Every year during this festive season, the demand for corporate gifts is on an all time high, especially in Gujarat.

But with the US meltdown trickling down to India as well, many companies have resorted to cost cutting and are refraining from purchasing expensive gifts or token gifts usually presented to employees on Diwali.

Shopkeepers and traders say that their business has gone down by more than 30 per cent.

Gujarat auto industry gets a boost with arrival of Nano

TATA NanoRajkot, Oct 24 : Tata motors'' decision to make low cost Nano car in Gujarat has kindled hopes of a lucrative business among the auto-parts making small-scale industrial units in Rajkot.

Rajkot has established itself as a hub for the auto parts ancillary units and, supplies auto parts to automobile manufacturers including Tata, Mitsubishi and Mahindra and Mahindra.

1.15 Lakh posts vacant in Naxal Affected States

1.15 lakh vacant posts in state police forces are lying vacant across the country. This has posed a serious question over providing effective security to citizens in these states.

Guj farmers all geared up to fight against Tata Motors

In a tiff to prove ownership of land in Gujarat, where the automobile giant Tata Motors is planning to construct its Nano project, a group of farmers from the gathering villages have pulled their socks up to fight a legal case against the automobile giant. Apparently, the farmers were not at all happy with the concessions being given to Tata Motors.  

Adding more, on Wednesday, a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was also filed in the Gujarat high court. 

Lalu Yadav offers land in Bihar for Tata’s ‘Nano’

Lalu Prashad YadavSomnath (Gujarat), Oct 16 : Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav has offered land to Tata Motors for its Nano project in Bihar.

He made the announcement after inaugurating a five kilometer-long Veraval-Somnath broad gauge line and the Veraval-Jabalpur Express Train.

During his short 15-minute speech at the railway station, Yadav said, "Sanand farmers are being harassed. If at all the project has to be in Gujarat it could have been at Dwarka. If you are really looking for land for the project, come to Bihar.”