US takes over base in Romania for missile shield

Barack ObamaBucharest: The US Navy has taken control of a new missile defense base in southern Romania, one of two European land-based interceptor sites for a NATO missile shield that Russia strongly opposes.

The base at Deveselu is scheduled to be operational in 2015 as part of NATO's ballistic missile defense system.

Rear Adm. John Scorby, commander of Navy Region Europe, Africa and Southwest Asia said today that "ballistic missile threats to the US and our allies are real and growing."

He added "fortunately, NATO's capabilities ... Against these threats are also real and growing."

Sanctions against Russia impact EU too: Martin Schulz

Martin SchulzBucharest, April 27 - The enforcement of European sanctions on the Moscow authorities impact not only Russia but also the European Union (EU), said European Parliament President Martin Schultz here Saturday.

Schulz, the candidate of the European Socialists for the presidency of the future European Commission, speaking in an interview with official Agerpres news agency, declared himself in favour of the enforcement of European sanctions on Russia "if necessary", but also expressed his desire for the governments "to tell their citizens that sanctions also have an impact on us, and not just on the Russians," Xinhua reported.

Aviation plays major role in national economy: IATA

Aviation plays major role in national economy: IATABucharest, Sep 14 - Aviation in eastern Europe has created a lot of jobs and made a great contribution to the countries' national gross domestic product (GDP), the chief of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said here.

IATA Director General Tony Tyler made the remarks Friday on the Eastern European Aviation Day, Xinhua reported.

The event attended by over 150 representatives from the aviation sector focussed on identifying key areas of potential in the sector in the region.

Dacia announces prices of Logan MCV for UK

Logan-MCVRomanian automaker Dacia has recently disclosed that the cost of its Logan Maximum Capacity Vehicle (MCV) - the company's fourth model - will be £6995 for the base model; thus implying that the Dacia Logan MCV will be the cheapest new estate car to hit the UK markets.

The price announced by the manufacturer for the Logan MCV - which will be available in the showrooms in July this year - is over £4,000 lower than the current cheapest estate car in the UK - the Skoda Fabia Estate.

Reverse perspective video will drive you nuts

Reverse perspective video will drive you nutsThe recent video released from the makers of Byzantine and Russian Empires reveals an out of the world videos that portrays the world in a totally upside down format.

According to the making of Orthodox artists of the Byzantine and Russian Empires this video is termed as the reverse perspective or an inverted perspective according to Byzantine perspective.

Romanians head to polls in presidential election

Romanians head to polls in presidential election Bucharest  - Voters in recession-racked Romania went to the polls Sunday to elect a new president.

Conservative incumbent Traian Basescu is seeking a new term. His main rivals are Social Democrat Mircea Geoana and Crin Antonescu, chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL).

Opinion polls suggest that none of the 12 candidates in the race will achieve an absolute majority, making a run-off on December 6 the most likely outcome.

Romanian parliament rejects proposed new government

Romanian parliament rejects proposed new governmentBucharest  - The Romanian parliament Wednesday rejected the governing team put together by an independent economic expert tapped by President Traian Basescu, thus continuing the political stalemate in the run-up to presidential elections scheduled for November 22.

Basescu had chosen finance and economics expert Lucian Croitoru to form the new government, despite the fact that Croitoru did not have the support of the opposition Socialists (PSD) and Liberals (PNL), and was therefore expected to lose the vote.

Economist tapped to form new Romanian government

Economist tapped to form new Romanian government Bucharest  - An economist and finance expert was tapped Thursday to pull together a new Romanian government by President Traian Basescu.

Lucian Croitoru, who is unaffiliated with any party, received the nod from the president. The appointment is likely to be opposed by the opposition, who candidate for rebuilding the government was blocked by the president. A court case is possible.

A minority government headed by Emil Boc of the centrist PD-L party collapsed Tuesday after it failed a vote of confidence with less than 35 per cent of the vote. (dpa)

Romanian president hesitates on naming ethnic German as premier

Romanian President Traian BasescuBucharest  - Romanian President Traian Basescu expressed reservations Wednesday about nominating ethnic German mayor Klaus Johannis to form a new government, citing the need for a person with international financial expertise.

A day after the minority government of Emil Boc of the centrist PD-L failed a no-confidence vote in parliament, Basescu said he was not in principle opposed to the opposition's call for a technocratic cabinet led by Johannis.

Romanian government fails no-confidence vote

Romanian government fails no-confidence voteBucharest - In a first since the fall of communism, Romania's government Tuesday failed a no-confidence vote, two weeks after the breakup of the cabinet.

The no-confidence motion passed with 258 in favour to 176 against, the development coming some 40 days before the country's presidential elections.

Now President Traian Basescu faces consultations with the major political parties before naming someone to try to form a new government.

Romanian authors congratulate Herta Mueller for Nobel Prize

Romanian authors congratulate Herta Mueller for Nobel Prize Bucharest - German-Romanian author Herta Mueller, winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize for Literature, was congratulated by Romanian literary compatriots on Thursday.

"To me, Herta Mueller has long been a Nobel Prize winner. So I can only be happy that my premonition has been officially confirmed," said Andrei Plesu, a Romanian philosopher and art historian.

Azerbaijan and Romania sign partnership deal

Azerbaijan and Romania sign partnership dealBucharest - Romania and Azerbaijan Monday signed a strategic partnership deal to boost their political and economic ties, the Romanian news agency Mediafax reported.

The deal was signed during an official visit of Azerbaijani President Ilcham Aliyev to the Romanian capital Bucharest, in which he met his Romanian counterpart Traian Basescu.

Pact with Romania tops Moldova foreign policy agenda, official says

RomaniaChisinau  - A comprehensive treaty with Romania resolving border and trade issues is the top foreign policy priority of Moldova's newly elected pro-Europe government, a senior official said Tuesday.

"We need to get signed a basic political treaty (with Romania) to exclude speculation about relations between the Republic of Moldova and Romania," Vlad Filat, the ruling coalition's nominee for the post of prime minister, said in a ProTV Chisinau television interview.

Romanian government faces confidence vote over reforms

Romanian government faces confidence vote over reforms Bucharest - Romania's broad-based centre-left coalition faced a major confidence vote in parliament Tuesday over three laws concerning state spending and education.

The government comprising the centre PD-L and socialist PSD parties was expected to survive the vote, which hinges on a fast- track package of laws introduced under pressure from the International Monetary Fund.

German state premier criticized for remarks about Romanians

Juergen RuettgersDusseldorf  - A German state premier, Juergen Ruettgers, was criticized Friday for disparaging people in Romania during a speech in praise of the workers in his own state, North Rhine Westphalia.

In remarks on August 26 which previously had gone unnoticed, Ruettgers said, "And unlike the workers in the Ruhr, those in Romania don't show up at seven in the morning for the first shift and stay until they have finished.

"They come and go when they feel like it, and they don't know what they're doing," he said during an election campaign speech in Duisburg.

Romanian presidential election is set for November 22

Romanian presidential election is set for November 22 Bucharest - Romania's presidential election will take place November 22, with December 6 set for a likely runoff vote, the interior ministry announced Monday.

It remains unclear whether incumbent President Traian Basescu will stand. Despite having the best prospects of any potential candidate, opinion polls suggest he would not win outright in the first round.

The polls place socialist PSD party leader Mirceas Geoana second and Crin Antonescu of the nationalist PNL party third in current voter popularity.

Lehmann to quit at end of season

Lehmann to quit at end of season Timisoara, Romania - Former Germany goalkeeper Jens Lehmann is to quit football at the end of the season.

The 39-year-old VfB Stuttgart keeper told Germany's Sat. 1 television that he was looking forward to a life outside of the game.

In the interview to be broadcast Tuesday ahead of Stuttgart's Champions League play-off at Timisoara, Lehmann said: "Yes, it's enough. It's time to do something else."

Lehmann, who joined Stuttgart from Arsenal before the previous season, signed a one-year extension to his contract before the start of the new campaign.

Romania denies new reports of hosting secret CIA prisons

Romania denies new reports of hosting secret CIA prisons Bucharest - Romania on Thursday denied reports that it was host to a secret facility run by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for detention of suspected terrorists.

"I think this is a story to discredit Romania," said Norica Nicolai, the head of Romania parliamentary committee to review similar accusations.

Moldova's new government to cancel visa requirement for Romanians

Moldova's new government to cancel visa requirement for RomaniansChisinau - Moldova's new ruling coalition will make cancellation of visa requirements for Romanian citizens a top order of business, a senior official said Monday.

The four-party majority controlling Moldova's parliament considers visa-free travel for Romanian nationals a "top priority," said Markian Lupu, chairman of the Democratic Party of Moldova (DPM).

National elections July 29 gave the DPM and three larger pro- Europe parties a 53-seat majority in Moldova's 101-member legislature.

Romanian Roma youth dies in Czech hospital

Romanian Roma youth dies in Czech hospitalPrague - A Romanian Roma teenager, whose relatives descended on Prague to pray for his recovery after a swimming accident, died Monday, a hospital said.

Ion Miclescu, 17, who was destined to become one of his clan's leaders, had been hospitalized in a coma since July 22 after he nearly drowned in a lake outside Prague. He took a swim to refresh himself during his family's travels through Europe, his relatives said.

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