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United States Slips In World Life Expectancy Grading

Washington: According to a media report, the US dropped off many industrialized countries in life expectancy standings, even though Americans are living longer than ever.

The report stated that forty one countries have overstepped the US that comprises not only Japan and several in Europe but also Jordan, Guam and the Cayman islands.

Bush And Hamid Karzai Completed Two Day Meeting

President Bush and President Hamid KarzaiPresident Bush and President Hamid Karzai of Afganistan, close allies in fighting terrorism, found much to agree on as they completed a two-day meeting on Monday, but differs on the role of Iran in Afghanistan.

McDonald’s Agrees To Sell Boston Market Chain To Sun Capital

McDonald'sMacdonald’s is all set to sell its Boston market chain to private firm for an undisclose

USA To Improve Nation’s Deficient Bridges

After shock of bridge’s inexplicable fall at evening rush hour into the country’s largest river, bridge experts offer reassurance – The same federally assigned inspections that show one-quarter of U.S. bridges to be “structurally deficient” or “functionally obsolete,” they are in very little danger of collapsing.

This is what the same experts would have said about the Interstate 35W Bridge in Minneapolis before it collapsed down Wednesday.

Bush Administration to allocate Funds for Collapsed Bridge

President BushWashington: The Bush administration said structural deficiencies were found two years ago in highway bridge that crashed in Minneapolis and it was the state’s responsibility to fix them. Congress started working on a $250 million package of federal assistance.

Nuke Deal With India In `National Interest’ - US

Washington: The Bush administration has tried to alleviate worries brought up by various US lawmakers over the civilian nuclear transaction with India.