White House still sympathetic to Musharraf', US Congress might not be: Experts

President Pervez MusharrafWashington/Islamabad, Aug. 9: An expert on South Asian affairs has said that while the White House continues to show "tremendous sympathy" for President Pervez Musharraf, the feeling in the U. S. Congress might not be the same.

According to Bruce Riedel of the Brookings Institution, Musharraf is no longer being seen as "indispensable" either for the war on terror or Pakistan's role in the war on terror.

Former White House hopeful Edwards admits to extramarital affair

Former White House hopeful Edwards admits to extramarital affairWashington  - Former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has admitted that he had an extramarital affair during his White House campaign, according to excerpts of an interview Friday with US broadcaster ABC.

Edwards, who was 2004 Democratic nominee John Kerry's running mate and a possibility for the spot again under Barack Obama, admitted to an affair with Rielle Hunter, a
44-year-old filmmaker who produced documentaries for Edwards' campaign.

Obama begins week-long holiday in Hawaii

Obama begins week-long holiday in HawaiiWashington  - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Friday began a week-long vacation with family in Hawaii, pulling back from the campaign trail after a new poll this week showed that nearly half of Americans felt they had been hearing "too much" about Obama lately.

Obama said the unrelenting pace of a historic primary campaign against Hillary Clinton had given him little time to rest, unlike his Republican rival John McCain who wrapped up his party's nomination three months earlier, in March.

US citizen who spied for China gets 15-year prison sentence

US citizen who spied for China gets 15-year prison sentence Washington  - A US citizen was sentenced to more than 15 years in prison on Friday for spying on behalf of the Chinese government, the Justice Department said.

Tai Shen Kuo, 58, pleaded guilty in May on a charge of conspiracy to deliver national defence information to a foreign government. Kuo provided a Chinese contact with the details of US arms sales to Taiwan and other secret US military communications from March 2007 until his arrest in February.

US sends envoy to Georgia seeking ceasefire, Rice in talks

US sends envoy to Georgia seeking ceasefire, Rice in talks Washington  - The United States is sending an envoy to help bring about a ceasefire in the escalating conflict in Georgia's breakaway South Ossetia region, the US State Department said Friday.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had also been in contact with a number of foreign officials to seek an end to the hostilities, which threatened to turn into a full-out war between Russia and Georgia.

Computer simulations show how special our solar system is

Solar SystemWashington, August 8: A new study by Northwestern University astronomers has used computer simulations to show how special and unique our solar system is.

Prevailing theoretical models attempting to explain the formation of the solar system have assumed it to be average in every way.

But now, the astronomers from Northwestern University have used recent data from the 300 exoplanets discovered orbiting other stars, to turn that view on its head.

The solar system, it turns out, is pretty special indeed.