Rivals worried as BYD’s $10K Seagull EV enters new markets

Rivals worried as BYD’s $10K Seagull EV enters new markets

Chinese automaker BYD’s most affordable electric car to date, the Seagull EV, is slated to enter the European market next year but it has already started creating a stir among international rivals. Priced at just $9,700 (69,80 yuan) and powered by the automaker’s innovative “Blade” batteries, the BYD Seagull EV (Honor Edition) boasts advanced features and impressive range.

BYD officially unveiled the Seagull EV (Honor Edition) earlier this year, when it declared a “liberation battle” against conventional gas-powered cars. Equipped with the automaker’s innovative so-called Blade battery, this pocket-friendly EV is available in 30.08-kWh and 38.88-kWh options. The EV with 30.08-kWh battery offers a range of up to 190 miles (305 km), while the 38.88-kWh model promises a range of 252 miles (405 km) on a single charge.

The Seagull EV project was led by former Lamborghini designer Wolfgang Egger. It is for this reason that this low-cost EV earned the “mini-Lamborghini” nickname.

The affordable EV’s interior is quite sophisticated, featuring a 10.1-inch rotating center display/screen with a minimalist design. It also allows users to interact and enjoy media through the intelligent network of DiLink.

In the Chinese market, the Seagull EV is available in a total of three trims. The base tri, which is called “Active,” is available with a starting price tag of less than $10,000 (69,800 yuan), while the “Free” trim starts at around $10,500 (75,800 yuan). The top-of-the-range model, called Flying, sets the buyer back by $12,000 (85,800 yuan).

Terry Woychowski, Automotive President at Caresoft Global, described the BYD Seagull EV as a potential “clarion call” for all competitors in the industry. The seasoned executive, who previously worked for GM, acknowledged the fact that whatever is done by BYD is done very well.

Commenting on the BYD Seagull EV, Ford Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jim Farley described the EV as a “pretty damn good” vehicle. Martin Sander, the chief of Ford’s European electric car unit, said, “Of course, we are nervous when new competition is coming to the market.”

The scheduled roll out of the BYD Seagull EV in Europe next year underscores the Chinese automaker’s commitment to making environment-friendly transportation solutions more accessible to a wider demographic. The upcoming EV is expected to disrupt the market and intensify competition among competitors, thanks to its unique blend of affordability, high-tech battery technology and innovative design.

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