Rivian’s 2025 R1S & R1T to come with significant advancements under the hood

Rivian’s 2025 R1S & R1T to come with significant advancements under the hood

Rivian, an American electric automotive technology company headquartered in Irvine, is set to revolutionize the EV landscape once again with its 2025 R1S e-SUV and R1T e-pickup truck, which boast significant advancements under the hood. The automaker has plans to introduce some budget-friendly electric models, such as the R2 crossover and the R3 hatchback. Unfortunately, these affordable models will not arrive anytime soon. For instance, the R2 crossover is expected to enter the market sometime in 2026, while the R3 can take much more time. In the meantime, the company is preparing to introduce updated versions of its existing R1S e-SUV and R1T e-pickup truck.

From cutting-edge tech specs like tri-motor configurations and improved battery technology to enhanced software capabilities, the 2025 R1S e-SUV and R1T e-pickup truck reflect the company’s commitment to innovation and competence.

The second-generation Rivian R1S and R1T EVs look the same as their first-generation counterparts. But under the hood, the second-generation EVs will have a new, more-efficient electrical architecture and software platform, in-house-built drive units, and an LFP batteries for their entry-level versions. The modifications or alterations have been made to ease production challenges and trim down losses per vehicle.

There will also be a four-motor variant capable of delivering approx. 200 more horsepower (hp). It may be noted here that Rivian has plans to gradually move away from the Bosch quad-motors to pave way for its in-house Enduro drive motors to improve efficiency as well as the pace of production. This transition is expected to complete with the next-generation R1T and R1S models.

The base versions of the next-generation EVs will keep on having the dual motor system, but the company has plans to offer an all-new tri-motor version as well. Previously, the EVs in question were offered with either two or four motors.

The variant equipped with three motors will have one motor on the front axle and two motors at the rear axle, with a combined output of 850 hp, which will be sufficient to propel the vehicle from 0 to 60 mph in merely 2.9 seconds. The ‘Performance’ variant will boost output from 835 hp and 908 lb.-ft. of torque to 1,025 hp and 1,198 lb.-ft. of torque.

The updated R1S e-SUV and R1T e-pickup truck stands as a testament to its engineering prowess and efficiency. With its groundbreaking, updated tech specs, the new R1 series is not just an evolution but also a significant leap towards the future of electric mobility.

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