Ronaldo describes himself as a “Footballing Ferrari"

Cristiano RonaldoLondon, Jan. 27 : Portuguese and Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo believes footballers are like cars when it comes to value – the sleeker and more sophisticated the model, the higher the price.

The World Player of the Year believes he is in the “super car” bracket of players who are worth 100 million pounds.

“Special players are maybe worth that. I agree with that. When you are good, when you are a special player, you are more expensive than the other ones. That’s normal. It’s like cars. Some cars are better than others, that is why they’re more expensive. It’s the same with players. But this is only my opinion,” Ronaldo said.

“How do I rate last season? I can''t say 10 out of 10, so nine. I can improve all the time. Ten is the maximum and I haven’t reached the maximum yet, so I’d give myself nine. I hope 10 out of 10 is to come. I believe it will. My challenge is always to be better and better,” he adds.

“My dream is also to win the World Cup and the Euros. I want to win more things for the club. The cups, the Premier League, Ballon D’Or, World Player of the Year, I want to win them all again,” he concludes. (ANI)