Sonia Gandhi slams Modi for dilly-dallying over low interest loan to farmers

Sonia Gandhi slams Modi for dilly-dallying over low interest loan to farmersRajkot, Apr 24: Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Friday slammed the Gujarat Government for dilly-dallying over advancing low interest loan to farmers.

Sonia Gandhi termed the BJP-ruled State Government’s attitude as pro-capitalist at the cost of the poor and rural folks.

“I am not surprised that the big industrialists are given thousands of crores loans at normal rates of interest which they pay after 20 years. But I feel sad that when our Central Government had decided to give seven percent interest of loan to farmers, the BJP-ruled State Government did not look upto it for two years and gave excuses,” Sonia Gandhi said at an election rally here.

She also appealed people to vote for the Congress for a strong and stable government.

Meanwhile in Purulia District of West Bengal, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, the daughter of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, said that she was glad to learn from the Election Commission that the voting percentage has increased this time in Uttar Pradesh.

“I couldn''t sleep the whole night when I initially heard the voting turnout percentage was just 40 percent but later when the Election Commission told me the percentage is actually 45.23 percent then it gave me a sigh of relief. I am very happy and will sleep well tonight. The percentage is better than last years’ 44 percent,” Priyanka Gandhi said. (ANI)