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Apple faces lawsuit over ‘explosive’ iPod

Apple faces lawsuit over ‘explosive’ iPodLondon, March 14: Apple has landed in legal trouble after a mother alleged her son endured second-degree burns when the company’s iPod touch music players exploded in his pocket.

Lynette Antrobus, from Cincinnati, is claiming 75,000 dollars plus punitive damage after accusing the multinational corporation of “gross negligence and recklessness” and of behaving “maliciously and fraudulently”.

Apple rolls out tiny iPod shuffle that ‘talks’!

Apple rolls out tiny iPod shuffle that ‘talks’!London, Mar 12: Apple has launched a tiny iPod that shouts out song titles.

The face-lifted Shuffle, which is half the size of the current version, is believed to be the world’s smallest music device.

However, owning to the toy’s smallness, there is no room for a screen.

The device reads out loud the names of 1,000 songs and artists stored on it, letting listeners choose their tracks.

The device, which costs 59 pounds, has its control buttons on the earphone cord.

Scientists map ''3D book of Universe''

3D UniverseMunich, March 11 : Using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope and ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT), astronomers have, in a way, prepared a unique “history book” of our Universe, with exceptional 3D views of distant galaxies, seen when the Universe was half its current age.

By looking at this unique “history book” of our Universe, at an epoch when the Sun and the Earth did not yet exist, scientists hope to solve the puzzle of how galaxies formed in the remote past.

With the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope in the early 1990s, astronomers were able to scrutinize the structure of distant galaxies in some detail for the first time.

Google blocks music videos on YouTube in UK

Google blocks music videos on YouTube in UKLondon, Mar 10: Music lovers who are addicted to watching online videos on Youtube will not be able to do so anymore as Google has blocked viewings after a dispute over licensing.

Google had started blocking UK viewers from watching "premium music videos" from the night of March 9.

But now the Internet giant has said that it will take several days until all professional music videos are covered by the restriction.

Google described the move, as a "painful decision" which it knew would cause "significant disappointment".

ElBaradei: Arab countries should help solve Iran nuclear issue

ElBaradei: Arab countries should help solve Iran nuclear issueVienna  - International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Mohamed ElBaradei called Monday for Arab countries to help resolve the Iranian nuclear spat, which seems more achievable under the new United States administration.

"The neighbours so far have been sitting on the fence," he said during a speech in the Austrian Parliament in Vienna, hosted by the Austrian Society for Foreign Policy and International Relations.

Scientists increase luminescence efficiency of carbon nanotubes by 20 percent

carbon nanotubesWashington, March 7 : In a new research, chemists at the University of Connecticut, US, have found a way to greatly increase the luminescence efficiency of single-walled carbon nanotubes by 20 percent, a discovery that could have significant applications in medical imaging and other areas.

The research was performed in the Nanomaterials Optoelectronics Laboratory at the Institute of Materials Science at the University of Connecticut, in Storrs.