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Now, 3D-printed wristband that will record TV show if you fall asleep

KipstR monitorsLondon, Dec. 18 : A new 3D-printed wristband has been recently created that will record TV show if you fall asleep, it has been revealed.

Two British boys, 15-year-old Ryan Oliver and 14-year-old Jonathan Kingsley have produced a 3D-printed wristband that senses when its wearer has fallen asleep, the Daily Express reported.

The device, which works alongside the Virgin Media's TiVo service, mimics how the box's TV remote pauses and records live TV.

Microsoft's Bing has already predicted top winners of 2015

Microsoft's BingWashington, Dec 18 : Microsoft's search engine Bing has predicted which people, products and trends will win in 2015.

The search engine has predicted 2015 Grammy winners, which movies will win the Golden Globes, food and fashion trends, and which team will win the Super Bowl, PC World reported.

Microsoft compiled its predictions across eight categories that includes awards, designers, fashion, food, football, technology, travel, and wearables and in each, Bing picked the top ten winners, some of which varied by geographical region.

US blames North Korea for 'crippling cyber attack' on Sony Pictures

crippling cyber attack' on Sony PicturesWashington, Dec 18 : The United States has blamed North Korea for the "crippling" cyber attack on Sony Pictures as the Hollywood studio announced its decision to cancel the release of " The Interview," a movie based on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, following threats by hackers to launch a 9/11-style attack on theatres screening the film.

An announcement pinning the blame on Pyongyang is expected to come on Thursday, reported the CNN.

The U. S. believes that the attack was ordered directly by the North Korean government as it enjoys a tight control on the internet in the country.

Samsung planning to launch new app to compete with Apple Pay, Google wallet

SamsungWashington, Dec 17 : Samsung is planning to launch an application that would allow users to make purchases right through their phones giving a competition to Apple Pay and Google wallet, said reports.

According to the Verge, getting into the mobile payment game is crucial for Samsung as it makes its own software to compete with whatever Google and Apple may have.

Users of Samsung's Android phones would have another mobile payments option to choose from, with Google Wallet and others like Softcard, which is forced on Samsung devices by carriers.

BMW developing cars that can be parked using smartwatches

bmw Remote Valet ParkingWashington, Dec 17 : Luxury automobile maker BMW is reportedly working on a technology that will allow drivers to park their cars using a smartwatch.

According to The Verge, BMW will be showing off its recent advances in autonomous vehicle research, including the smartwatch-operable Remote Valet Parking Assistant at CES 2015.

The i3 research vehicle with four "advanced laser scanners," can spot and avoid any sudden obstructions within an environment.

On detecting an obstruction, the i3's on-board assistance system automatically triggers brakes. (ANI)

Facebook launches new feature to enhance photos by default

FacebookWashington, Dec 17 - Facebook has launched a new feature wherein the photos that people post from their phones would be enhanced by default with the app adjusting lighting, shadows and general clarity.

However, only iPhone users would be able to see the upgrade on their phones as of now. The changes that the app makes can also be removed from the photo or enhanced further.

According to the Verge, Android will soon be updated with the feature wherein the operating system's users would be able to see the default photo enhancer.

Facebook is reportedly not bringing the feature to desktop and seems interested in only improving the quality of the users' poorly shot mobile photos. (ANI)

Instagram adds five new filters for still images

InstagramWashington, Dec 17 - Instagram has reportedly added five new filters to give users more options to experiment with still images.

According to Tech Crunch, each of the new filters has a slightly odd-sounding name. The five filters are called Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua.

The Instagram blog says that the filters soften and subtly shift colors to achieve the look and feel the user wants for each photo.

The app will also use a preview of the user's actual photo within the filter icons as opposed to the ultra-familiar hot air balloon preview, the report added. (ANI)

Lumia users can now operate phones without touching screens with new 'Gestures Beta' app

Gestures BetaWashington, Dec 16 : Microsoft has unveiled a new application "Gestures Beta" for Lumia Windows Phone owners wherein they can operate the phone without having to touch the screen and perform a few simple gestures.

The users can simply pick up their Lumia phones and put it on their ears to answer a phone call with the new app, reported the Verge.

The app also allows users to mute their phones by facing it down on a flat surface and flipping the phone with its face down would make them ignore a call.

However, Microsoft said that some of the features of the app would be limited to Lumia 630, Lumia 635, and Lumia 530. (ANI)

Xiaomi earned net profits worth 56million dollars in 2013

XiaomiWashington, Dec 16 : Chinese phone maker Xiaomi reportedly earned 56 million dollars in net profit in 2013.

According to a disclosure made to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Xiaomi made 347.5 million renminbi (56 million dollars) in net profit on 26.6 billion renminbi in revenue (4.3 billion dollars) last year, CNET reported.

That gives Xiaomi an operating profit margin of just 1.8 percent.

Xiaomi has been focusing on attaining growth in emerging markets like China, Indonesia and India .

The company's expansion has made its larger, more established rivals to sit up and take notice. (ANI)

Jury to decide fate of Apple in billion-dollar iPod anti-trust lawsuit

Apple iPod antitrust lawsuitWashington, Dec 16 : The decision on the 1 billion dollar Apple iPod anti-trust lawsuit now rests with a jury of eight, who will decide whether the company should pay more than a billion dollars for changes it made to its iTunes and iPod software some 10 years ago.

The Verge reported that both sides presented closing arguments in an Oakland, California courthouse today after two full weeks of trial, painting vastly different pictures of what was happening at both Apple and within the digital music business a decade back.

Apple is likely to face a stiff penalty in case the jury's decision turns out to be in the favour of the plaintiffs.

'Underfire' Uber may face ban in France as new licensing regulations take effect in 2015

UberWashington, Dec 16 : Following widespread protests in France, the government has signaled that it may ban Uber's low-cost service, UberPop, across the country as a new law requiring taxi drivers to hold licenses or insurance goes into effect on January 1.

The news came as three taxi unions occupied major highways around Paris to protest against Uber and the "unfair competition" it poses. The unrest was sparked by a French court ruling that said on Friday that UberPop could continue operations in France, reported The Verge.

Samsung fast losing as biggest player in smartphone market

SamsungWashington, Dec 16 : Samsung still rules the smartphone market but a closer look at the statistics in the third quarter revealed that its market share has dropped considerably in comparison to the last year.

Samsung sold 73.2 million smartphones worldwide in the third quarter, giving the company 24.4 percent market share. However, the tech giant sold 80.4 million smartphones during the same period in 2013 and grabbed 32.1 percent market share, reported CNET.

The report said that the dip in Samsung's market share cannot be attributed to a troubled smartphone market as the entire market saw a sales jump from 250.3 million in 2013 to 301 million in 2014.

Street artist Banksy most Googled person under 'who is' phrase in 2014

London, Dec. 16 - Street artist Banksy was the name people most typed on Google after the phrase "who is" in 2014.

The English graffiti artist was rumoured to have been arrested earlier in 2014, but he is now a free man, presumably with a spray can not far from hand, the Independent reported.

The second place was taken by celebrity Big Brother's Frenchy , real name Angelique Morgan. In third came Dappy, the N-Dubs singer who was given a suspended jail sentence in November after being found guilty of for assaulting a man while still on a suspended sentence for a previous incident in Guildford.

Yahoo starts prompting Internet Explorer, Opera users to switch to Firefox

YahooWashington, Dec 14 : Yahoo has reportedly started prompting its users to upgrade to the new Firefox by displaying a link in the top right corner of the browser window.

The prompt appears on Internet Explorer, Opera and even the new Yandex browser, reported Tech Crunch.

The move doesn't come as a surprise as Firefox now uses Yahoo as its default search engine and wants as many people as possible to switch to the Mozilla browser. (ANI)

Amazon customers buy hundreds of products for 1 pound due to technical glitch

AmazonLondon, Dec 14 : Amazon customers have bought hundreds of products for one pound after a piece of software used by retailers at the company went wrong.

Some firms that use the software RepricerExpress said that there was a risk of going bankrupt because it had resulted in a huge loss of money, reported Sky News.

The software is designed to keep firms competitive by repricing items of stock so they are cheaper than others in the market.

Hundreds of items were sold at a fraction of their normal prices on Friday between 7pm to 8pm.

One of the sellers, Judith Blackford of Kiddymania said that she could be forced out of business as a result of the technical glitch. (ANI)

Chinese internet giant Baidu to invest 600M dollars in 'under fire' Uber

Baidu to invest 600M dollars in UberWashington, Dec 13: Chinese internet giant Baidu is reportedly planning to invest up to 600 million dollars into Uber in a deal with the US firm.

According to Tech Crunch, a Baidu spokesperson confirmed that the company has arranged a press conference for next week when it will announce "an investment in and strategic cooperation deal with a prominent US-based startup."

The report said that a deal was expected to be announced next Wednesday, sealing the partnership between the two firms.

Baidu has focused on emerging markets, including Southeast Asia, Egypt and Brazil, where it recently acquired e-commerce site Peixe Urbano.

Use of social networking sites drops in UK, U.S. during 2014

Use of social networking sites drops in UK, U.S. Washington, Dec 12 : According to a study conducted by U. K. telecoms regulator Ofcom, the use of social networking sites like Facebook has dropped in the United States and the United Kingdom during 2014.

The weekly access to social networking sites in the UK dropped from 65 percent in September, 2013 to 56 percent in October 2014 while it was far more marginal in the U. S., dropping from 56 percent to 54 percent, reported TechCrunch.

The research by Ofcom found that visits to traditional social networks in Japan and China also fell from 2013 to 2014.

Now, Android users in India can watch YouTube videos offline

India can watch YouTube videos offlineWashington, Dec 12 : Google has introduced a new update for Android devices that allows users to watch YouTube videos without an internet connection.

According to Tech Crunch, at present, the offline video playback is only available on Android devices in India, Indonesia or the Philippines.

Google says the new update will give Android users in the aforementioned places access to much of the popular YouTube content.

The company said in a blog post that while Asia has proven itself to be a mobile-first world in terms of smartphone adoption, access to high-speed, affordable data remained a big challenge.

Google named world's best company to work for

Google named world's best company to work forWashington, Dec 11 : Glasdoor has named Google as the top company to work for in its list of 50 best places to work.

Glassdoor CEO Robert Hohman said that list saw non-technology companies moving up in the rankings this year as Bain and Company occupied the second spot, Nestle Purina PetCare stood third, F5 Networks followed on the fourth spot and Boston Consulting Group stood fifth, reported Fox News.

Hohman said that the list was the most diverse that the company had ever seen.

Instagram's monthly user base surpasses Twitter's by hitting 300 mln mark

InstagramWashington, Dec 11 : Just nine months after it hit the 200 million mark, Instagram has now said that 300 million now use its photo app every month with 70 percent of them coming from outside the United States.

The figure makes the app bigger than Twitter which had 284 million active users six weeks ago, reported Tech Crunch.

Despite fears that the acquisition by Facebook will have an adverse impact on the app, Instagram has been doing well for four years now with 70 million photos being shared on it every day and over 30 billion total. (ANI)

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