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New computer model may help solve email overload in busy organizations, companies

New computer model may help solve email overload in busy organizations, companiesWashington, March 7: The problem of email overload in busy organizations and companies can be solved with the aid of a new computer model, say two Indian-origin researchers.

Ashish Gupta at Minnesota State University Moorhead, and Ramesh Sharda at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, have described the model called Simulator for Interruptions and Message Overload in Network Environments (SIMONE) in the International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling.

Japanese, South African vying for IAEA top post stress national past

Japanese, South African vying for IAEA top post stress national pastVienna  - The atomic bombing of Japan and South Africa's past nuclear weapons programme were brought into play Wednesday as diplomats from these two countries entered the last heat to be elected leader of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The IAEA governing board is set to meet on March 26 and 27 to elect the successor to Director General Mohamed ElBaradei, who retires in November after 12 years at the helm of the UN nuclear watchdog.

Finnish parliament approves law on e-mail tracking

Finnish parliament approves law on e-mail tracking Helsinki - The Finnish parliament Wednesday approved controversial legislation allowing employers to track e-mails sent by employees.

The legislation was adopted 96 to 56 while 47 parliamentarians were absent at the final reading of the bill.

The so-called data protection law does not allow employers to read e-mails, but e-mails and the size of attachments can be tracked on suspicion of corporate espionage.

Second phase of weapon testing on Tejas is underway

TejasNew Delhi, Mar 4 : The second phase of weapon testing on Tejas, India’s indigenous Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), is currently underway from an Air Force base in the north-western sector.

The focus of the current phase of two-week testing is safe separation and also accuracy of weapon delivery, a Defence Research and Development Organisation statement said.

The results from the tests would validate aerodynamic interference data as well as complex weapon release algorithms in different modes of release, it said.

NASA and Cisco develop online platform to monitor global environmental conditions

NASA and Cisco Washington, March 4 : NASA and Cisco Inc. have announced a partnership to develop an online collaborative global monitoring platform called the “Planetary Skin” to capture, collect, analyze and report data on environmental conditions around the world.

Under the terms of a Space Act Agreement, NASA and Cisco will work together to develop the Planetary Skin as an online collaborative platform to capture and analyze data from satellite, airborne, sea- and land-based sensors across the globe.

Bill Gates ‘bans’ Apple products from family home

Bill Gates ‘bans’ Apple products from family homeWashington, Mar 4: Microsoft founder Bill Gates has banned his family from using Apple''s iPhone and iPod gadgets.

In an interview to Vogue magazine, Melinda Gates has revealed that Bill has barred in three kids, Jennifer, 13, Rory,
10 and Phoebe, 7 from using any of the Apple products.

"There are very few things that are on the banned list in our household. But iPods and iPhones are two things we don''t get for our kids," the Telegraph quoted her as saying.