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Xiaomi willing to open patent talks with Ericsson post facing temporary ban in India

XiaomiWashington, Dec 11 : Chinese phone company Xiaomi has expressed willingness to open talks over patents with Ericsson after the New Delhi High Court imposed a temporary ban on its smartphones that prevented the company from importing and selling some of its smartphones in the country.

The high court had granted an 'ex parte' injunction against Xiaomi after Ericsson filed a patent complaint. Officials from the Chinese company have been asked to visit Xiaomi's India office to ensure that it does not sell, advertise, manufacture or import devices that infringe the patents in question, reported Tech Crunch.

Dashlane allows users to change all passwords with single click

DashlaneWashington, Dec 10 : Dashlane, the subscription-based password management service has introduced a new feature wherein users will be able to change passwords for various accounts with a single click, including accounts with two-factor authentication enabled.

According to the Verge, the feature will work with around 75 major websites such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, Amazon, LinkedIn, PayPAl and Pinterest.

The feature, called Password Changer, could be enabled after Dashlane's acquisition of PassOmatic, a New York startup that developed the core technology.

Dashlane works on the desktop version for PC and Mac, though the company is working on the mobile version. (ANI)

Google launches Chromecast in India

Google ChromecastWashington, Dec 10 : Google has launched its Chromecast streaming device in India, in a move seen as an attempt by the internet giant to tap into the growing consumer market in the country.

The device which resembles a USB flash drive and allows users to stream videos from the internet to a television from a laptop, phone or tablet is currently available in ten countries, including the United States, Germany and Denmark.

According to CNET, the expansion to India is only Google's latest effort to gain traction in the country, an important region as tech giants in the United States aim to extend their reach to emerging markets.

Microsoft releases security updates for Windows, IE on Patch Tuesday

MicrosoftWashington, Dec 10 - Microsoft has released security fixes for Internet Explorer and Exchange Server in its latest series of " Patch Tuesday".

PC World reports that Microsoft has issued seven security bulletins for December, including three critical patches for Windows, Office, Exchange Server, SharePoint Server and Internet Explorer.

Wolfgang Kandek, chief technology officer for IT security firm Qualys said the first bulletins administrators needed to focus on are those that make remote code execution (RCE) possible.

The security patches released will fix the vulnerabilities in the software, thereby guarding it from attackers. (ANI)

Apple's first generation iPods selling like hot cakes on eBay, Amazon

ipods classicLondon, Dec 9 : It turns out that Apple's first generation iPods are still in demand as buyers are thronging eBay and Amazon to buy the music player.

According to The Independent, some versions of the iPod, which retailed for 229 pounds when Apple sold it, are selling for 670 pounds on Amazon.

eBay has sold more than 3,000 of the models since it stopped selling in stores from October.

Cheaper versions of the music player are also available on the websites.

It is reported that 80GB models are still selling under 100 pounds on eBay, with the latest 160GB models going for less than 200 pounds.

Google's battle to establish 'right to be above British law' on alleged secret monitoring resumed in court

GoogleLondon, Dec 09 : Google's battle in its landmark case to establish that the company is above the British law has been resumed in the court which would decide whether it can be held accountable by its users for allegedly using clandestine tracking to monitor British users of the Safari web browser.

Google earlier argued that the High Court did not have jurisdictions to try the claims, reported the Independent.

The tech giant's lawyers said that the users should have launched its claim in the U. S. where the company is based rather than England.

'Web is designed without an attitude of what it should be used for': Tim Berners

Tim Berners-LeeDubai, Dec 08 - The inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners Lee has said, at the first Knowledge Conference on Sunday, that the web is "designed without any attitude of what it should be used for".

According to Gulf News, he said that the internet should be used to promote language, culture, knowledge and help break down the boundaries between nations and people around the globe.

A man who has the access to the web is more resourceful than one who does not, said the man behind the internet revolution.

Lee said that he spent the last 25 years inventing the web, promoting it and most recently defending it.

Microsoft releases Skype 7 for Windows with improved features

MicrosoftLondon, Dec 07 : Microsoft has released its Skype 7 for Windows with improved features following complaints from users regarding its screen space that the app consumes.

According to PCWorld, Skype 7 is now complete with a more touch-friendly interface and a new compact mode to help cut down on the screen space of the app.

Microsoft said in its final release that it had included a new compact view in response to the feedback from users.

The company said that the update can be found under both "View" as well as ToolsOptionsIM Settings options.

Facebook post claiming to protect users' copyright not worth posting on site, claim experts

FacebookWellington, Dec 06 : Copyright experts have dismissed the post that is going viral on Facebook claiming to protect users' copyright over their own photos as sheer nonsense saying that it is not worth posting on the site.

According to Stuff. co. nz, such posts keep cropping up from time to time whenever Facebook makes changes or announces that it will make changes to its privacy settings.

Variations of the viral post were first spotted in 2012 and resurface time and again.

Many users across the world are posting the viral message on their walls that claims to protect their copyright over their pictures.

Zuckerberg dismisses Apple CEO's statement about ads as 'ridiculous'

Mark ZuckerbergWashington, Dec 06 : Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg has rejected Tim Cook's claim that ads turn customers into products, saying that it was a " ridiculous concept".

According to the Verge, Zuckerberg was apparently irritated by the claim that ad supported services are bad for users.

Zuckerberg said that he was frustrated about people equating an advertising business model with being out of alignment with your customers, reported the Verge.

Zuckerberg was referring to comments made by Cook in September at the time when Cook defended Apple's approach to security after hundreds of nude and private images of celebrities were stolen from iCloud.

Apple files for dismissal of iPod case as plaintiffs' media players not covered by suit

AppleWashington, Dec 6 : Apple has reportedly filed to dismiss the billion-dollar lawsuit against the company after it presented evidence that the plaintiffs did not purchase iPods covered by the suit.

The Washington Post reported Apple lawyers presented evidence late Thursday that the two plaintiffs, Marianna Rosen and Melanie Wilson, didn't buy iPods covered by the suit, adding the suit specifically covered iPods bought between September 2006 and March 2009 that also ran software released with iTunes 7.0 or 7.4.

The revelation was made after Apple lawyers asked to see Rosen's iPod soon after her testimony and ran the serial number to confirm whether it actually qualified.

Samsung wants 930 mln dollar Apple patent breach damages order dumped

Samsung AppleWashington, Dec 05 : Samsung has asked a U. S. appeals court to put away the order that the company pay 930 million U. S. dollars to Apple for breaching iPhone patents to make its Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

Apple and Samsung have been litigating around the world for three years, both accusing each other for infringing patents to make smartphones and other mobile devices, reported the Verge.

In August, the companies agreed to withdraw all patent lawsuits everywhere except in the United States.

Apple's lawyer William Lee said that 930 million dollar verdict was the right decision.

Google to replace 'annoying' CAPTCHAs with single click feature

GoogleWashington, Dec 04 : Google is set to get rid of CAPTCHA that forced users to confirm they are humans by typing in barely legible words and numbers, a report said.

The service will now be replaced with a single click on sites that use Google's re CAPTCHA service. The search engine giant is now introducing a new API text that will require users to just check a box that says, "I'm not a robot," reported Tech Crunch.

Google decided to trash the old Captchas because they weren't that good at keeping robots at bay. The advanced robots today could solve Captchas with 99.8 percent accuracy.

For now, websites can either choose to stick to the old experience or switch to the new API.

Flipkart founders invest 1M dollars in Chennai-based electric scooter startup Ather

FlipkartWashington, Dec 4 : Founders of Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart have invested 1 million in Ather, a Chennai-based startup that develops high-speed electric scooters.

According to Tech Crunch, in addition to Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, who launched Flipkart in 2007, Ather's seed round also included participation from Raju Venkatraman, the CEO of healthcare company Medall.

Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal had previously invested in Touchtalent , a social network and marketplace for artists, since Flipkart received an astounding 1 billion dollars in funding three months ago.

Gmail users can now edit Microsoft Office docs sent as email attachments

GmailWashington, Dec 04 : Google has launched a new feature in Gmail inboxes that allows users to edit Microsoft Office documents sent as attachments in emails.

According to the Verge, you can easily click the "edit" option on an office file from the inbox and Gmail will convert the file to the relevant Google format which will save the file in Google Drive.

Google also suggests users to use its Office Editing Chrome extension if they need to edit the Office attachments without changing the file type and do not have the Microsoft suite on the desktop.

Apple's iPhone 6 was Bing's 'most searched for gadget' in 2014

Apple's iPhone 6Washington, Dec 3 : Apple's iPhone 6 has topped Bing's list of the most popular gadget of 2014.

According to the list by Microsoft's search engine, Xbox One came in second, followed by Fitbit, Mashable reported.

Samsung's Galaxy S5, which came out this year, was nowhere to be seen, while the Galaxy S4 came in eighth.

The top 10 most searched devices by Bing are:

1. iPhone 6

2. Xbox One

3. Fitbit

4. iPad

5. Surface Pro 3

6. Kindle Fire

7. Windows Phone

8. Galaxy S4

9. Chromecast

10. Google Glass (ANI)

Apple iPhone 6 users complain phone's front camera misaligned

Apple iPhone 6Washington, Dec 2 : iPhone 6 users are complaining that the phone's front camera is misaligned.

One of the comments posted by an iPhone 6 user on reddit. com said there was a crescent visible on the right side of the hole of his iphone.

Some users have complained that their replaced iPhones too had similar problem.

Another iPhone 6 user posted his comments on MacRumours complaining that his one-month iPhone 6 had flakey wifi, random reboots, and a blotchy screen.

This is not the first time when Apple users have come up with such a complaint.

Earlier, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users complained that the new phones bent while being carried in trouser pockets.

Microsoft acquires email start-up Acompli for 200 mln dollars

MicrosoftWashington, Dec 02 : Microsoft has officially confirmed that it has acquired an email start-up company Acompli for over 200 million dollars.

According to the Verge, Acompli's CEO Javier Soltero said that the existing mobile app for iOS and Android would continue to work and improve on the pace and functionality every couple of weeks.

The application also works like the desktop version of Outlook combining contacts, calendar, and mail into a single interface that works together.

Microsoft's strategy for Acompli is not clear as yet but it is expected that the company will integrate the application into its Office 365 offering. (ANI)

Huawei to focus on Android after company fails to make money on Windows Phone

huawei Washington, Dec 2 : China-based Huawei has claimed that the company did not make any money on the Windows Phone, following which, it is now focused on creating Android mobiles.

According to The Verge, in an interview, Huawei's head of international media affairs, Joe Kelly, said that the company didn't make money from its two handsets running Windows Phone, and that "nobody made any money in Windows Phone."

Huawei produced two models running Microsoft's smartphone OS before it said it was putting its plans for future Windows Phones on hold, the Seattle Times reported.

A few months back, Microsoft made Windows Phone free for device manufacturers. (ANI)

Microsoft to discard clip art from Office products

MicrosoftWashington, Dec 02 : Microsoft has announced its decision to pull the plug on the last trace of clip art in its Office products, a report said.

The company will now guide its users, in need of imagery, towards Bing Image Search because they are already getting their images online anyway, reported Tech Crunch.

Bing images won't be vector art and hence, not as resizable as its predecessor but will give users a whole range of options. The search engine built inside Office is the same as the one that's built into its standard search engine, just with Creative Commons filters switched on by default to allow commercial use. (ANI)

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