Vitamin D may reduce the risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases

Vitamin D may reduce the risk of diabetes and other chronic diseasesAccording to a new research article, enough amount of Vitamin D intake may reduce the risk of diabetes and other diseases like heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis. By taking Vitamin D, the complications in a diabetic patient can be reduced.

Sue Penckofer, study co-author and professor in Loyola University Chicago Marcella Niehoff School of Nurisng, said: “Vitamin D has widespread benefits for our health and certain chronic diseases in particular. This article further substantiates the role of this nutrient in the prevention and management of glucose intolerance and diabetes.”

Study shows that Vitamin D plays a vital role in insulin sensitivity and secretion. Many of the diabetes patients have low vitamin D levels and it may be because of their poor diet and less exposure to the sunlight.

A study was conducted on 3,000 people with type 1 diabetes, which showed that after taking Vitamin D supplements people have decreased risks in the disease. These supplements may also be beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes in the prevention of this disease.

Joanne Kouba, study co-author and clinical assistant professor of dietetics, Marcella Niehoff School, said: “Management of vitamin D deficiency may be a simple and cost-effective method to improve blood sugar control and prevent the serious complications associated with diabetes.”

The findings appeared in the latest issue of Diabetes Educator.