Bobcat’s TL25.60e electric telehandler boasts unrivaled energy efficiency & performance

Bobcat’s TL25.60e electric telehandler boasts unrivaled energy efficiency & performance

Bobcat Company, an American manufacturer of farm & construction equipment headquartered in the West Fargo area of North Dakota, recently unveiled the all-electric TL25.60e telehandler concept, with a promise that it will deliver unrivaled energy efficiency and performance.

Unveiled at INTERMAT (international exhibition of equipment, machinery and techniques for the construction & material industries), the eco-friendly innovative TL25.60e telehandler has specifically been designed to meet the growing demands for sustainable and efficient construction equipment.

The TL25.60e telehandler concept has a 2.5-ton rated capacity, three powerful electric motors that promise remarkable energy efficiency and performance, thanks to the “actively cooled” li-ion batteries. These innovative batteries have been designed to deliver consistent performance in any sort of weather. Additionally, these batteries help fleet operators in maintaining low running costs while ensuring maximum efficiency.

Power from these batteries go to the vehicle’s three separate e-motors, which cater to power drive, the rotating superstructure, and the boom or attachments. The manufacturer explained that this specific setup allows the concept to consume energy only when it is required. The company also claims that this arrangement ensures instant responsiveness for all the machine’s seamless working. The quiet, vibration-free precision control is expected to make the machine a great product to work with in the construction sector.

Speaking about the telehandler’s cab, Bobcat EMEA’s Innovation Lead Vijay Nerva said Bobcat would keep on producing innovative products prioritizing both leading-edge technology and wellbeing of the operator.

Introducing the new electric commercial product, Nerva said, “At Bobcat, we are committed to innovative design that prioritizes both cutting-edge technology and operator wellbeing. Our integration of ergonomics and digitization, exemplified by the transparent T-OLED screen, allows us to introduce customizable, interactive features without compromising the comfort and spacious design of our cabs.”

The all-electric TL26.60e telehandler has a top speed of 25 km/h, and features a six-meter lifting height with a lifting capacity of 2.5 tones. The capacity of the vehicle’s liquid-cooled battery has been reported 30 kWh, which should be sufficient for a full shift at low-speed construction sites.

Blending eco-friendly technology with efficiency, Bobcat’s TL25.60e electric telehandler concept exemplifies the future of construction machinery. Equipped with efficient li-ion batteries and powerful e-motors, the TL25.60e promises performance superior to its diesel-powered counterparts. Looking ahead, such concepts are expected to pave way for a cleaner and more efficient future in construction.