Canoo's LDV electric vans start rolling out from Oklahoma facility

Canoo's LDV electric vans start rolling out from Oklahoma facility

Torrance, California-based American automotive startup Canoo has officially announced that it has initiated the delivery phase of its Lifestyle Delivery Vehicles (LDVs) manufactured at its newly-established production plant in Oklahoma City. In a press release, Canoo stated that the first batch of its Oklahoma-manufactured electric vans were delivered to the Office of Management & Enterprise Services (OMES) within the Oklahoma State. This achievement marks the initial phase of its Oklahoma-based manufacturing ramp-up as well as the beginning of deliveries of the LDVs to essential clients and partners.

Although Canoo neither disclosed specific figures regarding the LDV van deliveries to OMES in the state nor this year's planned deliveries, the company confirmed plans for a progressive surge in units in 2024. Queries about delivery numbers and the production capacity of the new facility in the Oklahoma City are still in queue to be answered by the company.

Meanwhile, Canoo is in the process of actively recruiting for its facilities in the Oklahoma City as well as Pryor. Market experts are of the view that the two production facilities will provide more than 1,300 new jobs following a substantial investment of $320 million, providing a big boost to the local economies.

The Canoo LDV represents the first commercial motor vehicle manufactured in the Oklahoma state since the year of 2006, signifying the return of a significant industry to the state. Expressing pride in this historic moment, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt affirmed the state’s role in nurturing innovative businesses and creating employment opportunities through Canoo's venture into full-scale production.

Speaking on the topic, Governor Stitt said, “We are proud to be part of this historic moment as Canoo builds momentum on its road to full-scale production. This marks Oklahoma's return to vehicle manufacturing and proves 'The Sooner State' is the right place to grow cutting-edge businesses and create new jobs.”

The multipurpose Canoo LDV utilizes the company’s innovative Multi-Purpose Platform (MPP) to present options as a passenger or cargo van. Earlier this year, the company unveiled an extended variant of the Canoo LDV, called the LDV 190, which boasts a 172 cubic feet cargo area owing to its drawn-out body. Unfortunately, production details on this variant currently remain undisclosed. Additionally, the company recently introduced the American Bulldog, an electric pickup truck derived from the Screaming Eagle, which was initially tested by the U.S. Army in 2022. Specifics regarding specifications, production, and delivery timelines for the American Bulldog also remain undisclosed at this time.

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