Hero-owned Surge introduces 'Batmobile-inspired’ S32 convertible EV

Hero-owned Surge introduces 'Batmobile-inspired’ S32 convertible EV

Surge, an electric vehicle (EV) startup backed by Indian two-wheeler giant Hero MotoCorp Limited, has introduced a revolutionary 'Batmobile-inspired' convertible EV, called the S32. With the official unveiling of the Surge S32, the Indian startup aims to disrupt the electric mobility landscape, thanks to the innovative and transformative design of the EV that seamlessly converts from a three-wheeled rickshaw to a high-performance scooter. Thus, it has been designed to cater to both commercial and personal transportation needs. It draws inspiration from the iconic 'Batmobile' featured in Christopher Nolan’s 'The Dark Knight' trilogy.

The standout feature of the new EV lies in its ability to switch between the three-wheeler and two-wheeler configurations with a simple press of a button, requiring just around three minutes for the transformation to complete. The cabin of the vehicle, which comes equipped with a windscreen, lighting, and optional weather-protective soft doors, seamlessly conceals a compact scooter within.

Other features like LED headlights, indicators, and digital instrumentation are also there to enhance the user experience inside the cabin.

When it comes to the powertrain of the Surge S32, the manufacturer has loaded the vehicle with a robust 13.4 bhp output in the three-wheeler configuration and 4 bhp output in the two-wheeler part. With battery capacities of 11 kWh and 3.5 kWh, respectively, the vehicle offers a versatile and dynamic performance. The three-wheeler configuration, with a peak load capacity of 500 kg, is positioned for diverse commercial applications, while the scooter variant provides an agile ride experience with a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour (km/h).

The transformation process is also a visual spectacle, involving the front windshield lifting vertically to reveal the concealed scooter, accompanied by a swift cabin alteration through a spring-loaded double-swing mechanism. The manufacturer emphasizes the adaptability of the vehicle, asserting that the conversion can take place on any terrain, thanks to adaptive controls and fail-safe operations for a smooth transition. In short, it introduces a novel concept, enabling users to seamlessly shift between daily utility as a three-wheeler and a stylish personal transportation means as a scooter.

The introduction of the Surge S32 convertible EV signifies a new era in electric mobility, showcasing the Indian startup’s commitment to bring transformative eco-friendly mobility solutions. The convertible EV stands as a testament to the startup’s vision of revolutionizing the EV landscape by offering consumers a versatile, competent, and stylish transportation solution.

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