KTM introduces Macina Gravelator Electric Gravel Bike

KTM introduces Macina Gravelator Electric Gravel Bike

Leveraging on the growing popularity of electric bicycles (e-bikes), KTM continues to expand its portfolio of e-bikes. Most recently, the Austrian brand introduced its newest product, called the Macina Gravelator Electric Gravel Bike.

The Macina Gravelator is a lightweight and performance-oriented e-bike, just like its road-focused sibling Macina Revelator. However, being a gravel e-bike, the Macina Gravelator promises greater versatility. It is more capable to tackle uneven paths to offer more adventure. As it is available in two trims (a carbon-fiber frame and aluminum frame), it is fit for casual as well as serious cyclists who might be looking for supercharging their road as well as off road riding experience.

Keeping performance in mind, KTM equipped the Macina Gravelator with the all-new Bosch Performance Line SX motor. Bosch has specifically designed and developed this electric motor for lightweight e-bike applications. This motor is said to be apt for gravel and cross-country mountain e-bikes. Capable of churning out a peak torque of 55 Newton-meters (Nm) and a maximum output of 600 watts, the Performance Line SX promises a smoother power delivery, rather than outright power. In other words, it delivers a smooth ride and seamless pedalling experience.

The e-bike featuring the carbon-fiber frame is the SX Prime, while the aluminum frame model is the SX 10. Both the SX Prime and SX 10 models have Bosch’s CompactTube battery packs integrated into their frames. The battery in each e-bike has a 400-watt-hour (Wh) capacity, but those who want longer ranges can opt for a range-extender for additional miles. The manufacturer has designed and developed the e-bike in such a way that it is far more than a sporty two-wheeler. The frame offers a lot of mounting points for luggage accessories, which also suggests that it has been designed with adventure in mind. The carbon version has a maximum payload capacity of 109 kilograms, while the aluminum version boasts a payload capacity of 117 kilograms.

The list of other notable features of the new e-bike includes the drivetrain consisted of Shimano or Sram-branded 12-speed groupset, and hydraulic disc brakes. The high-end carbon model comes finished in a light green colour, while the aluminum SX 10 comes painted in a signature KTM orange & black motif.

The high-end carbon model has been priced at 5,899 Euros (approx. US$6,531), while the aluminum SX 10 is a bit more affordable, as it retails for 4,299 Euros (approx. $4,760). Deliveries to customers are expected to commence by December 2023.

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