Lotus Type 136 Electric Bike: A Masterpiece Inspired by Racing

Lotus Type 136 Electric Bike: A Masterpiece Inspired by Racing

British automotive manufacturer Lotus has just unveiled its latest innovation, the Type 136 – an electric road bike inspired by the Great Britain cycling team's track bike “Hope HB.T” that was designed in collaboration with Lotus for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Defined by contoured lines and a groundbreaking integrated cockpit design, the Lotus Type 136 e-bike is not only visually captivating but also remarkably lightweight, thanks to its ultra-lightweight carbon frame. The entire build weighs a mere 9.8 kilograms, though the specific size remains undisclosed.

In the realm of performance, it boasts exceptional features, such as the HPS Watt Assist Pro electric motor. Described as an engineering marvel, this electric motor sets a new standard for lightweight construction as it weighs merely 1.2 kg. In fact, it claims the title of the world's lightest electric motor. Crafted in collaboration with HPS, this groundbreaking system is set apart by its seamless integration into the bottom bracket shell.

For power, the electric motor relies on a compact 193-watt-hour (Wh) battery unit, which at a mere 300 grams, is amazingly light. It is also ingeniously fashioned to resemble a common water bottle. This unique design ensures that it can be effortlessly removed for convenient charging. Removing the battery makes the e-bike even more lightweight.

The British manufacturer’s official website states, “The Type 136 is a true dual-use road bike, both a lightweight thoroughbred mechanical road bike with the battery removed and a superfast electric assist e-bike. You decide how you want to ride.”

The HPS system of the e-bike introduces pioneering ANT+ connectivity, which allows riders to pair the system with a variety of bike computers, which in turn provides riders with real-time information about their assist mode. Apart from this, the system offers the versatility to fine-tune pedal assist based on a rider’s heart rate. This is very helpful in facilitating the ability to maintain specific training zones over lengthy rides.

The list of other notable features of the Lotus Type 136 e-bike includes components like the Sram Red eTap AXS groupset, DT Swiss ARC 1100 wheels, and race-ready Pirelli P Zero Race TLR tires, all of which contribute to ensure a unique riding experience.

The initial model of the Lotus Type 136 e-bike will be limited to just 136 units, followed by a more widely available standard model scheduled to be rolled out sometime in spring 2024. The initial 136 units will come with a significant price tag of €25,000 (roughly equivalent to $26,500).

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