Mercedes-Benz hits new electric car sales record in Q4 2023

Mercedes-Benz hits new electric car sales record in Q4 2023

Luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz achieved a significant milestone in the final quarter (Q4) of 2023 by setting a new record for electric car sales, thanks particularly to an impressive surge in sales of plug-in cars. Overall, the luxury vehicle manufacturer witnessed a decrease of 4 per cent in its global sales in the last three months of the last year, but in spite of that decrease, the brand successfully navigated the challenging terrain, reporting total sales of 514,000 units. Impressively, the year 2023 saw a marginal 0.2 per cent jump year-over-year, totaling 2,043,800 units.

What really stands out is the brand’s growth in plug-in car sales, which reached an unprecedented 30 per cent of total sales in 2023. During the Q4 period alone, the automaker witnessed a notable 24 per cent jump sales of all-electric cars, accounting for 66,200 units. This figure represents a groundbreaking 12.9 per cent market share. Notably, the biggest share of this sales growth belonged to the Mercedes-Benz brand, which experienced a 32 per cent increase in all-electric car sales.

When we delve into regional success, the U.S. played a significant role in this achievement, contributing to the growth with a total of 13,511 Mercedes-Benz BEVs sold, marking a remarkable 139 per cent surge.

When we zoom out to the entire year, Mercedes-Benz Cars enjoyed sales of more than 240,000 units of all-electric cars. This figure showcases an impressive 61 per cent increase from the previous year. The Mercedes-Benz brand alone achieved a strong sales growth rate of 73 per cent, which underscores the luxury brand's commitment to leading the charge in the ongoing EV revolution.

In addition to the robust performance in the field of passenger cars, Mercedes-Benz Vans also made significant strides. The division of the automaker reported sales of 124,300 vans in Q4 alone, including a record-breaking 7,700 BEVs. The figure of electric vans sold by this division represents a 64 per cent surge year-over-year. BEVs now constitute a respectable 6.2 per cent of the division’s total sales volume, reflecting a substantial increase from the previous year’s 3.8 per cent.

Looking ahead, Mercedes-Benz isn’t only driving innovation in luxury vehicles but also steering the automobile industry towards a sustainable future. With the electric wave gaining momentum, 30 per cent of Mercedes-Benz cars are now rechargeable, showcasing the automaker's strong dedication to advancing electrification.

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