New Mag Bike ET.1 boasts robust magnesium frame & powerful motor

New Mag Bike ET.1 boasts robust magnesium frame & powerful motor

Austrian electric bicycle (e-bike) specialist Mag Bike has introduced its latest off-road personal mobility solution, called the Mag Bike ET.1 e-MTB, which comes loaded with leading-edge components and advanced technology for performance-oriented riders. Engineered with a special focus on lightweight design and remarkable capabilities, the Mag Bike ET.1 e-MTB features a unique magnesium frame, a powerful Brose S Mag motor and premium Cane Creek suspension components.

With its magnesium frame, the new e-MTB promises a remarkable weight reduction of 30 per cent when we compare it with its aluminum counterparts. It tips the scales at 22 kilograms (approx. 48.5 pounds), but it boasts long suspension travel and a robust wheel-tire configuration, which suggests its readiness to endure any sort of demanding landscape. The innovative monolithic construction for the magnesium frame promises extraordinary shock absorption, ensuring a smoother ride even on uneven surfaces.

To enhance its off-road prowess, the Austrian manufacturer has equipped the e-MTB with top-tier suspension elements, including a Cane Creek Helm MKII suspension fork and a Cane Creek Kitsuma Coil rear shock, which provides a generous 160 mm of suspension travel for both front as well as rear wheels. Complementing all these features is a performance-oriented 12-speed Sram drivetrain comprising XX SL Eagle AXS components, together with RockShox Reverb AXS dropper seat-post for quick adjustments while navigating diverse terrains. Additionally, it has powerful Hope Tech4 brakes and Maxxis Rekon tires for reliable stopping power and optimal traction.

The ET.1 e-MTB’s trail prowess derives from the robust Brose S Mag motor, which is capable of delivering an impressive 90 newton-meters (Nm) of torque. It is enough to propel the e-bike to a maximum assisted speed of 25 kilometers per hour (roughly 15.5 miles per hour). Complementing this powertrain is a 725-Wh battery unit. However, specific range specifications have yet to be revealed by Mag Bike at this time.

Riders also benefit from seamless monitoring of vital ride statistics and battery levels through the intuitive Brose display, ensuring an ideal and hassle-free riding experience. This combination of a potent motor, substantial torque, and the user-friendly interface of the display underscores the new electric mobility solution's commitment to efficiency and rider convenience on any kind of trail.

While pricing and availability details for the ET.1 e-MTB remain undisclosed at present, the Austrian brand is anticipated to release the details about this high-end e-bike through its official website sooner than later.

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