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Government to freeze thresholds for inheritance tax until 2019

Government to freeze thresholds for inheritance tax until 2019In what is being described as a major U-turn, the government has indicated that the thresholds for inheritance tax might be frozen until 2019 so that the government is able to pay for long-term care of elderly people in England.

PM buys two Freeview STBs

Gordon-BrownHandling resignation seems to be a tedious task as the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, was seen purchasing two Freeview set top boxes.

It is believed that the recent elections will remain as a thing of discussion with the current decisions pointing on the fact that the politicians' decisions and actions will remain in mid-air.

The reports from the former PM, Gordon Brown, who currently is seen in his home town of Kirkcaldy, just outside of Edinburgh was trying to ease with its current purchase from the local Tesco superstore with his two Freeview set top boxes.

Gordon Brown to quit as Labor leader by September

Gordon-BrownAccording to the reports, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, his Labor Party pummeled at the polls last week, said Monday he will quit as his party's leader by September.

The BBC has reported that Brown's announcement opened the way for his party to start formal negotiations with the Liberal Democrats to form a new government. The Liberal Democrats failed to reach an agreement with Conservatives, creating an opportunity for a ruling coalition with Labor once Brown agreed to step aside.

Despite promises from British PM, the delivery of the Warthog armored vehicle behind schedule

Despite promises from British PM, the delivery of the Warthog armored vehicle behind scheduleMinisters have said that despite promises from British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the delivery of the Warthog armored vehicle is behind schedule.

Defense News has reported that Singapore's ST Kinetics delivered the Warthog to the British Ministry of Defense on time in 2009, though the vehicle failed British acceptance tests.

British forces deploying to Afghanistan were forced to leave without the armored vehicle.

Only English-speaking immigrants can get a public sector job in Britain

Only English-speaking immigrants can get a public sector job in BritainUnder a Labor Party plan unveiled on Monday by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, only English-speaking immigrants could get a public sector job in Britain.

The English language requirement currently covers only doctors from outside the European Union, teachers and police officers.

U.S. criticized for "protectionism" by Britain and France

U.S. criticized for "protectionism" by Britain and FranceThe United States have been jointly accused of "protectionism" over a $53 billion aerospace contract by Britain's prime minister and the president of France.

The Daily Telegraph reported on Friday that Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy alleged that the Pentagon was favoring American company Boeing over the European consortium bidding to build refueling tanker aircraft for the U. S. Air Force.

The newspaper further said that the consortium withdrew from the bidding this week.

UK Budget on March 24, confirms Brown

Gordon BrownGordon Brown said on Wednesday that his government would present the Budget for 2010 on March 24.

Speaking at Thomson Reuters in Canary Wharf, the British Prime Minister confirmed that the budget would be placed in just two weeks time. For many this is considered as Brown's biggest card before the country goes for the general election in first week of May, just six weeks after the budget is presented.

About the budget proposals, Brown said, "We will do whatever it takes" adding that the government has so far been successful in guiding the country out of the economic turmoil.

UK Prime Minister hopes to save Teesside steel plant

UK Prime Minister hopes to save Teesside steel plantGordon Brown, the UK Prime Minister is very much hopeful that he can save the Corus steelworks on Teesside and the jobs of 1,600 employees. Mr. Brown is anticipating so just because the Government is talking to a number of companies, who have shown their interest in the plant.

Brown admits striking secret deal with Blair for premiership

Gordon BrownLondon, Feb. 7 : British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has admitted for the first time that his predecessor Tony Blair had struck a secret deal with him to take over as premier.

Before Brown’s interview with ITV1, neither has ever admitted before that the secret deal actually existed.

“It is really explosive stuff - neither Brown nor Blair has ever gone on the record about their famous deal which dogged them for years. But Brown is absolutely clear to Piers that a deal was done. Brown was expecting Blair to hand over to him far earlier than he did,” News of the World quoted an ITV1 insider, as saying.

Brown to appear before Britain's Iraq inquiry

London, Jan 22 - British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is due to give evidence to an inquiry into the Iraq war, prior to the general election in a few months' time, according to media reports.

The BBC and other media said late Thursday they had learned that Brown had agreed to testify, despite the panel's earlier ruling that he should only appear after the elections in order to keep politics out of the probe.

His decision to attend would be confirmed Friday, the reports said.

Brown has come under mounting pressure recently to explain his role in the government's 2003 decision to back the US-led invasion of Iraq.

Brown's ex-ministers plot his ouster ahead of polls

Gordon BrownLondon, Jan 6 : Two senior former British ministers called for a ballot on Prime Minister Gordon Brown's leadership Wednesday - just months before the general election.

The pair, both of whom served under Brown in the cabinet, have written to colleagues asking for a secret internal party ballot of parliamentarians to "lay the matter to rest".

The two ministers who have called for the ballot are Geoff Hoon, a former defence minister, and Patricia Hewitt, a former health minister.

UK airports given green light for full-body scans

UK airports given green light for full-body scansLondon, Jan 4 : Travellers at British airports will be subjected to a full-body scan after the country''s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, backed the new system.

Brown, 58, said the controversial technology, which will be introduced at Heathrow and other airports, was "essential" in tackling a new terrorist threat.

The scanners have not been met with favour and have angered privacy campaigners as they see through clothes and reveal naked images of passengers.

Gordon Brown signals May elections

Gordon BrownLondon, Jan. 4 : British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has apparently ruled out an early general election, while indicating that May 6 could be the polling date.

Brown, in an interview slip, said he could announce a spring budget, yet it won’t be a part of the election campaign.

That leaves May as the favourite, while the last possible date is June 3.

Speaking on BBC, Brown also admitted Labour were election underdogs.

"When you are behind in the polls you have got to regard yourself as the fighter," The Sun quoted Brown, as saying.

Gordon Brown voted ''Worst Dressed Man''

Gordon Brown voted ''Worst Dressed Man''London, Jan 4 : British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been named ‘Worst Dressed Man of the Year’.

The 58-year-old politician topped the GQ poll, for being "anything but a prime example of British style".

Funnyman Russell Brand came second followed by French President Nicolas Sarkozy at third, reports Sky News.

The magazine declared of heel-wearing Sarkozy: "Perhaps the French president should spend less time worrying about his stature and more time worrying about his style".

Yemen vows to fight terrorism ahead of Brown conference

Yemen vows to fight terrorism ahead of Brown conferenceSana'a/Cairo, Jan 3 - Yemen will fight terrorist groups on its soil, the country's foreign minister said Saturday, as the government welcomed a planned international conference on growing extremism in the poor Gulf country.

Security forces meanwhile began a clampdown along Yemeni coasts in efforts to prevent infiltration by Islamist militants from neighbouring Somalia.

UK faces a decade of terror from Al Qaeda: Brown

Gordon BrownLondon, Jan. 1 : Prime Minister Gordon Brown has warned that Britain faces a decade of terror as al-Qaeda finds fresh methods for its murderous attacks.

Brown issued the grim warning after receiving new intelligence reports, and said the failed Christmas Day jet bomb should act as a wake-up call to the world.

The Sun quoted him as saying: "The new decade is starting as the last began - with al-Qaeda creating a climate of fear. In the past week, we have been exposed to an evolving terrorist threat and reminded of the importance of a major new base for terrorism.”

Gordon Brown to step down as party leader but stay on as PM?

Gordon Brown to step down as party leader but stay on as PM?London, Dec. 26 : A proposal has reportedly been discussed among senior Labour Party figures that requires Gordon Brown to step down as the party leader in the new year but stay on as Prime Minister until the General Election.

This move, senior party leaders believe, would boost Labour’s election prospects, while saving him from humiliation. Some ministers favour the idea and supporters want Brown to announce it in January, the Daily Express reports.

Gordon Brown’s £3 bounced cheque fetches £2,700 at auction!

Gordon BrownLondon, Dec 23 : A 3-pound bounced cheque written by Gordon Brown has been sold at auction for thousands of pounds.

Bill Paterson, warden of Goschen House, Brown’s hall of residence at Edinburgh university, said that Brown was the only student he could remember whose rent cheque for 3 pounds bounced when he tried to pay it in, reports The Daily Express.

The Bank of Scotland stamped the cheque in red ink “refer to drawer”. Paterson, whose name was misspelt by the student “Bill Patterson”, kept the memento and had auctioned it off on eBay.

'Handful' of states blocked climate treaty, claims Brown

Gordon BrownLondon, Dec 21 : British Prime Minister Gordon Brown Monday accused a "handful of countries" of preventing a climate change treaty at last week's Copenhagen conference and vowed that there would be no repeat of the "chaotic proceedings".

Speaking via video link to a meeting in London, Brown said he was still determined to achieve a binding international treaty on climate change targets and would urge an immediate reform in the UN negotiating process for such large gatherings.

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