Porsche Taycan achieves record sales in Q4 2023

Porsche Taycan achieves record sales in Q4 2023

In a testament to the growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), high-performance sports car maker Porsche has announced record-breaking sales for its widely-acclaimed Taycan battery electric saloon during the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2023. Stuttgart, Germany-headquartered Porsche reported global car sales of 77,499 units during the September through December quarter of 2023, showcasing a 12 per cent decline year-over-year. However, the full-year results remained strong, reaching a noteworthy figure of 320,221 units, representing a growth of 3.3 per cent from the previous year.

Of course, the spotlight was on the luxury brand’s all-electric Taycan, which showed a remarkable resurgence in the latter part of last year. In final quarter, sales of the all-electric Taycan soared to an all-time high of 12,744 units, representing a substantial 31 per cent growth from the corresponding quarter of the preceding year. Remarkably, this achievement also translated to a record share in the brand’s overall sales, with the Taycan accounting for an imposing 16.4 per cent share.

The positive momentum continued throughout 2023, with the Taycan contributing significantly to the company’s worldwide sales. Over the entire last year, sales of the Taycan amounted to 40,629 units, reflecting a strong 17 per cent jump year-over-year and constituting nearly 13 per cent of the total volume. It is also worth-noting here that the Taycan EV’s success wasn’t confined to a specific region. It is evident from the shares data, which shows that the company sold a total of 7,570 units in the United States during 2023, enjoying a substantial year-over-year increase of 4 per cent.

Comparing the above-mentioned figures to the previous year, when Porsche delivered 34,801 BEVs, the company witnessed a 16 per cent decline year-over-year. However, the Taycan's resurgence last year has been substantial. The cumulative worldwide sales of Taycan now stand at more than 136,000 units. Looking ahead, the company anticipates further success in the field of EV sales with the impending market launch of the all-electric Porsche Macan.

As Porsche didn’t provide specific numbers for plug-in hybrid vehicle sales, such as the Cayenne and Panamera models, it is very clear that the brand is increasing its focus on electrification. As the automotive landscape continues to evolve, the strong sales of the Porsche Taycan further underscore the increasing acceptance and desirability of high-performance EVs among consumers. However, only time will tell if the German brand will continue to increase its EV sales while navigating the electrified future of mobility.

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