Dita Von Teese joins German squad to woo Eurovision fans

London, Apr 30 : Dita Von Teese is set to steal the Eurovision title for Germany, for she has joined hands with country's entry into the annual popfest.

When Jack Tweed met ‘naked’ Boy George in jail shower

When Jack Tweed met ‘naked’ Boy George in jail showerLondon, Apr 30 : Looks like Jack Tweed is having a tough time facing another celebrity inmate in prison-he fled from jail showers with lightning speed after three encounters with naked gay star Boy George.

The 21-year-old was taken aback when he saw the Culture Club icon in the wash block of the nick where they are both serving sentences.

And shy Jack, whose Big Brother star wife Jade Goody died of cancer last month, had repeated encounters with beefy George after he was sent to cushy Edmunds Hill jail in Suffolk.

British MPs vote to give Gurkhas right to live in Britain

British MPs vote to give Gurkhas right to live in BritainLondon, Apr 30 : British MPs belonging to the Labour Party and the Conservative Party have backed a Liberal Democrat motion by 267 votes to 246 to give Gurkhas the right to live in the UK, dealing a major blow to the Gordon Brown Government over his refusal to allow the veterans to live in the country.

The vote is not legally binding, but opposition leaders insist that ministers must now abandon new rules on admitting Gurkhas and their families introduced last week.

NASA may abandon plans for moon base

NASA may abandon plans for moon baseLondon, April 30 : NASA's acting administrator, Chris Scolese, has told lawmakers that the agency will probably not build an outpost on the moon as originally planned.

According to a report in New Scientist, Scolese's comments also hinted that the agency is open to putting more emphasis on human missions to destinations like Mars or a near-Earth asteroid.

NASA has been working towards returning astronauts to the moon by 2020 and building a permanent base there.

Second-born kids really are more rebellious

Second-born kids really are more rebelliousLondon, Apr 30 : A new research has confirmed what many parents long suspected: Second-born kids are more likely to be rebellious in later life than their more conservative older siblings.

According to scientists, who published their study in the journal Child Development, firstborn children are likely to conform while younger siblings are prone to more independent personalities, reports The Telegraph.

Lifestyle trends - British parking garages lure drivers with sumptuous smells

Lifestyle trends - British parking garages lure drivers with sumptuous smellsLondon - People who can't abide the smell of parking garages could soon find relief in Britain.

A company there is planning to lure customers with the smell of freshly-baked bread or the sweet scent of roses. A survey recently showed that most people are deterred by foul-smelling stairwells in parking garages, said NCP, which operates in London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Leeds. So now, it aims to charm its customers with special aromas.