Rivian set to launch budget-friendly R2 electric SUV in Europe

Rivian set to launch budget-friendly R2 electric SUV in Europe

In a strategic move to cater to a broader audience, American EV maker Rivian Automotive is set to unveil its budget-friendly R2 electric SUV, which will not only grace the roads of the United States but will also make its way to European markets. All set to be officially unveiled on 7th of March as a more affordable option for EV enthusiasts, the R2 was recently showcased in a teaser video released by the automaker. The company provided a shadowy glimpse of the upcoming EV, hinting at a smaller, more compact version of the R1S. Aligning with some past reveals, a recent patent filed by the company also showcased the vehicle as a compact electric SUV with slightly tweaked design elements, including smaller headlights and a rear quarter panel.

According to Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe, the R2 retains the "essence” of the brand but in a more compact as well as cost-effective package. Priced in the range of $40,000 to $50,000, the EV offers a nearly half-cost alternative to its R1S and R1T counterparts. The e-SUV was recently spotted filming in downtown Los Angles, giving enthusiasts an actual glimpse of its design.

Recently, some images depicting the e-SUV parked alongside the R1S were swirling the internet, showcasing its somewhat more compact size and distinctive design changes. The list of changes includes smaller headlights and a passenger-side charging port.

As far as EV enthusiasts in Europe are concerned, many of them are eagerly awaiting Rivian vehicles. Meanwhile, Rivian has confirmed that the R2 will be available in the U.K. and other European countries, including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands. Rivian’s move to expand its offerings to Europe is tactically aligned with the growing demand for EVs in the region.

While information regarding initial pricing and delivery of the R2 in European markets is yet to be revealed, the company is inviting European customers to sign up for alerts regarding pre-orders for the vehicle, indicating the brand's commitment to a global presence.

As Irvine, California-headquartered Rivian’s electric delivery vans is making their presence felt in Europe through a partnership with online retail giant Amazon, the introduction of the R2 electric SUV is poised to establish the brand as a key player in the fast-evolving global EV landscape, offering a compact and versatile option for environmentally conscious consumers.

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