Brown, Gilani resolve to jointly fight against terrorism

Brown, Gilani resolve to jointly fight against terrorismIslamabad, Apr 27: Britain and Pakistan on Monday expressed a firm resolve to jointly fight against terrorism.

Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani addressing a joint press conference along with his British counterpart Gordon Brown, said Pakistani is united in the battle against terrorism.

“Britain and Pakistan will jointly fight the menace of terrorism,” The News quoted him, as saying. Gilani said Pakistan will continue to play its part toward stabilizing Afghanistan.

To a question, he said nothing could be said about Osama Bin Laden’s staying alive or dead.

Replying another question regarding the issue of arrest and release of Pakistani students in Britain, Gilani said the matter came under discussion during his meeting with Brown.

The British Prime Minister on the occasion acknowledged that Pakistan continues to face the scourge of extremism and terrorism, which is posing a threat to “the fabric of our life style.”

He said Britian and Pakistan have always enjoyed strong bilateral ties, which, he added, will only grow stronger with time.

“Both the countries are facing a common threat of terrorism and we know that Pakistan is even more committed to fighting this menace,” Gordon Brown said, adding Pakistan government and its forces are taking firm action against Taliban.

He said Britain is spending 10 million pounds to train Pakistani intelligence agencies on counter-terrorism. Pakistan aid for war on terror will be increased and we will also support Pakistan for promotion of education in tribal areas, he added.

To a question, Gordon Brown said there are one million Pakistanis in Britain and that investigations are underway in connection with the detained students. (ANI)