How to identify problematic gambling behaviour?

How to identify problematic gambling behaviour?

Gambling and betting is something that most of us are seeing as entertainment. Something we do when we want to have fun or just to try our luck out on the lottery or at an online casino. It is usually never a problem and the worst thing that happens is that an affordable deposit gets lost.

India has specific laws about online gambling which have kept gambling relatively limited. There is however possible for people to legally play casino games on the internet. With the increasingly expanding accessibility of the internet we will see more and more people try online gambling out. In general it is nothing to be worried about since most tend to keep it to a moderate level.

Since the phenomena is new it is important to be aware of the early warning signs for problematic gambling.

Signs of problem gambling

Addictive behaviour

Just like most things, it is possible to get addicted to gambling. A problematic gambling addiction can affect both the mental and physical health, just as most addictions do.

Addictions can alter the judgment and make one to abandon important aspects of life. Which ultimately can affect personal care, relationships, commitments and personal finances.

Financial strains

One of the most evident effects of problem gambling is the financial strain it causes. No one will have a winning streak forever when gamble. There are downswings and if not careful one will lose a lot of money during one.

It takes a self-aware person to say enough is enough. Unfortunately, some people will keep on gamble and try to win back lost money. This can lead to that the person starts borrowing from friends and family.


Problem gamblers are often shameful with their behaviour and they do what they can to keep friends and family unaware of the situation. This often results in lies and mistrust and puts close relations on a test.


Just a small percentage of the gamblers develops a problematic behavior. Addiction, debt, and neglecting families are some of the most negative effects of it. It is important to be aware of the signs in order to intervene early, before it develops to a problematic addiction.