Czech Republic

EU calls for matching US accounting change

EU calls for matching US accounting change Prague - European Union finance ministers said Saturday that matching US accounting rules, which allow US banks discretion over pricing their impaired mortgage assets, bore "critical importance" so European banks are not operating at a disadvantage.

The ministers, meeting informally in Prague, called on the continent's setter of accounting rules, the International Accounting Standards Board, "to cooperate closely" with its US counterpart "with the aim of achieving equivalent treatment... in order to avoid risks of competitive distortions."

Obama to arrive in Prague to address Europe, meet EU leaders

Obama to arrive in Prague to address Europe, meet EU leaders Prague - US President Barack Obama was set to arrive in Prague on Saturday, the fourth stop on his five-country tour of Europe, where he is scheduled to meet EU leaders and deliver a key public speech on nuclear non-proliferation.

Obama is scheduled to address Europe on Sunday - a highlight of his stop in the Czech Republic - with historic Prague as his backdrop. The event comes as countries across Europe commemorate two decades since the collapse of Communism in Europe.

NEWS FEATURE: Czechs await Obama amid changing relations

US President Barack Obama Prague  - The notorious Czech provocateur of an artist, David Cerny, had the privilege last summer to shake hands with Condoleezza Rice, the then US secretary of state.

Passing an alley of garbage cans to do so, she showed up at one of Prague's many popular yet downscale cafes which happened to double as a centre for supporters of US plans to build a missile shield base in the Czech Republic, Cerny among them.

But when US President Barack Obama arrives in the Czech capital this weekend, Cerny and his associates won't get near that sort of access. "It does not look good," the artist said.

EU finance ministers praise G20 deal

EU finance ministers praise G20 dealPrague - The European Union's finance ministers Friday praised the deal reached a day earlier by the world's largest economies on new global financial regulation and a boost in funding for key international institutions.

Arriving for a set of informal meetings in Prague, the EU finance ministers called the results of Group of 20 (G20) summit, made in a bid to overcome the global recession, a success.

Czech Republic ceases issuing work visas to some foreigners

Czech Republic ceases issuing work visas to some foreigners Prague - The Czech Republic Wednesday has suspended the issuance of work visas to some Eastern Europeans and Asians in response to the economic downturn that has struck the country's export-driven economy, officials said.

As of Wednesday, the Czech embassies in Moldova, Mongolia, Thailand, Ukraine and Vietnam are suspending accepting work-visa applications and scheduling work-visa interviews, the Czech Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Czech interim government likely to replace Topolanek during EU term

Czech interim government likely to replace Topolanek during EU termPrague  - Rival Czech parties agreed to form jointly an interim government that is likely to replace acting Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek's cabinet at the helm of the European Union.

The interim government of experts, which would not be led by Topolanek, should take over in several weeks, local reports said Wednesday citing party leaders.

Topolanek said after the meeting that his outgoing cabinet would stay in "through the whole of April," the Czech news agency CTK reported.