Toronto Nurse Loses Her License for having Sex with Psychiatric Patient

According to disciplinary panel, the Toronto nurse, who admitted to having sex with a patient while she worked there, will lose her license. Formerly employed at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, the nurse admitted in an agreed statement of facts presented today at her disciplinary hearing that "she sexually abused the patient by engaging in sexual intercourse... among other things" during the man's inpatient and outpatient treatment. She was fired in 2007 when the affair came to light and the five-member disciplinary panel will now order a formal reprimand and recommend revocation of her professional license by the College of Nurses of Ontario.

According to the facts presented before the panel, man was admitted to CAMH in 2004 in connection to criminal charges which he was found not criminally responsible for as he suffered from a mental disorder. He was discharged and treated as an outpatient in 2006, then readmitted in December of that year. The nurse was not his primary caregivers, and only participated in weekly meetings about his treatment, but her romantic entanglement with the man started when he started buying her coffee and presenting flowers in late 2005.

The matter came to light when the patient left the manager a voicemail message stating that he and the nurse "have been sleeping together" and "have been a couple a long time." The centre launched an investigation in February 2007 and found a DVD sex video featuring the patient and the nurse and fired the nurse. The nurse had no previous disciplinary record but later admitted to unprofessional conduct.

 The nurse did not attend the hearing but her lawyer Kate Hughes, told the panel her client is "extremely remorseful" and intends to cooperate fully with the college. The man, before committing suicide this July, had filed a law suit against the nurse and CAMH for negligence in his treatment which has now been taken up by his family.

In the lawsuit, the man identifies himself as John and the nurse as Jane to protect the identity of their child. The man said the nurse had told him she was pregnant with his child although it is not known if she gave birth to the baby or not.