Altenar partners with Colombia’s Vinnare Group to expand iGaming in Latin America

Altenar partners with Colombia’s Vinnare Group to expand iGaming in Latin America

Altenar, a provider of sportsbook software and services to licensed gaming operators, has partnered with Colombian operator Vinnare Group to expand the use of its technology in the potentially lucrative sports betting market of Latin America.

Latin America offers fabulous untapped growth opportunities in the fields of iGaming and sports betting. A number of regional countries, including Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, are all set to expand gaming.

Leading the race, Colombia has already granted legal status to sports betting and iGaming operations, which makes it attractive for companies active in the gaming space. Altenar’s partnership with Vinnare Group will not only help the former in expanding the use of its technology but also support Vinnare’s efforts to attract more customers.

The newly signed partnership deal includes the installation of a variety of capabilities, including an overlay, widgets, and access to artificial intelligence (AI) technology via, which offers a number of eSports betting options.

Altenar lauded Vinnare as a ‘regional heavyweight’ in Colombia, noting that the operator has been active in the Latin American country since 2019, gaining a valuable understanding of the market’s functioning and specific customer demands. The Columbian gaming company added that it was the perfect opportunity for the partnership with Altenar as it would help them meet growing demand for sportsbook and iGaming services.

Domenico Mazzola, Commercial Director for Altenar, also praised the partnership, saying it would create a fantastic chance to collaborate and supply a premium product to the fast-expanding customer base in Colombia as the iGaming market continues to grow.

Vinnare Group’s Product & Marketing Director Jean Paul Varon added, “Altenar has an incredibly high level of knowledge, know-how, experience and, most importantly, innovation. The professionalism and expertise offered by the company is unrivalled and we are excited to see this partnership develop.”

The partnership deal is expected to provide Altenar with a strong boost not only in Columbia but also in several other markets of Latin America as the provider is already operating in Brazil, Peru and some other regional markets.

Colombia is the first country in Latin America to establish gambling rules & regulations. However, it also stands out because of soaring demand for eSports. The growing demand for eSports and online betting has created an opportunity for companies to work together and earn bigger profits.

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