A quick look at German brand Zundapp’s Z808 Electric MTB

A quick look at German brand Zundapp’s Z808 Electric MTB

Germany-based electric bicycle (e-bike) brand Zundapp’s Z808 e-MTB is being offered as a versatile personal electric mobility solution capable of tackling almost any sort of trail. Following the simple recipe of a hardtail mountain bike, the pocket-friendly Zundapp Z808 e-MTB features strong but lightweight aluminum frame and rolls on 27.5-inch wheels. It gets its rudimentary suspension fork from Zoom, which helps in not only making the rides easier but also contributes to the longevity of the personal mobility solution.

The e-bike in question is actually an entry-level electric mountain bicycle that promises a basic, beginner-friendly riding experience.

When it comes to performance, the Zundapp Z808 MTB comes equipped with an Ananda-branded rear hub electric motor (e-motor). Sourced from China, the Ananda M129 e-motor churns out 250 watts of nominal output. As far as torque is concerned, it has received a rating of 28 pound-feet (40 Newton-meters).

For power, the aforementioned e-motor of the bike relies on a 504-watt-hour (Wh) battery that has been positioned sleekly into the downtube. According to the brand’s claims, the e-bike has a riding range of up to 150 km (roughly 94 miles) on a single charge. Obviously, it depends on riding conditions and type of terrain.

The manufacturer has also equipped the e-bike with a 27-speed drivetrain that contains Shimano and Microshift components. The drivetrain allows the rider to use pedals seamlessly alongside the e-motor. Using pedals alongside the motor not only optimizes range but also provides the rider with a chance to get a bit of a workout. To bring the e-bike to a halt anytime required, both on and off-road, the German brand has equipped it with a hydraulic disc braking system.

Zundapp’s official website states, “Technology is our core competence. Two-wheelers are our passion. Like all our products, bicycles from Zündapp are characterized by above-average product and service quality at an affordable price. Whether "old school" or electric, city or country - Zündapp bicycles are there for everyone and available for all purposes.

The Zundapp Z808 e-bike is available through a number of online retailers that are already shipping it to customers in various parts of the world. Amazon, the world’s most popular online retailer, is offered the e-bike with a pocket-friendly price tag of 1,299 Euros (approx. $1,430), even as Zundapp’s recommended retail price for the battery-assisted personal mobility solution is 2,599 Euros (approx. $2,850).

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