Being overweight may independently raise risk of heart disease


Vitamin E's heart health benefits don't apply equally to all

Vitamin E Pills in Shape of Heart

Chocolate's 'nice but naughty' nature gets people hooked

Washington, Sep 11 : A new study has found that it's the 'nice but naughty' nature of chocolates that makes us readily admit to being 'addicted' to the sweet.

Our affinity for chocolate goes beyond what most would call normal and that's what the study has tried to expose i.e. why do we willingly label ourselves as 'chocoholics'.

New therapy may help reverse damage to blood vessels after heart attack

Blood Vessels after Heart Attack
Washington, Sept 11: Scientists at Ohio State University say that they have discovered why blood vessels constrict during and after a heart attack.

The researchers say that delivering a vital molecule that is depleted during this process directly to those blood vessels can reverse damage and help restore blood flow.

Women Avoiding Cancer Pills Due To Side Effects

Cancer Pills
Washington: According to new study report, scared of side effects, women have stopped taking pills that can help keep breast cancer from coming back, but such women who stop taking pills risk early death.

A study found that women in Scotland were not taking the breast cancer pill tamoxifen as directed, and breast cancer’s new type of pill was causing cryptic aches and pains in women.

Doctor's gender may hamper early diagnosis of heart disease in women

Women's Heart Disease