The adult brain can change, confirms study

Normal Adult Brain
Washington, Sept 6 : Scientists have for long debated whether the adult brain has the ability to change like the child's brain. Now, a new study has confirmed that this does indeed happen.

Neuroscientists have used converging evidence to explain that the adult visual cortex does indeed reorganize and the change affects visual observation.

'Silent' seizures behind 'spells' of increased confusion in Alzheimer's patients

Brain Cross-Sections
Washington, Sept 6: A new study has found that mice genetically engineered to have Alzheimer's disease suffer silent seizures which may occur due to cellular changes.

The cellular changes are a result of excess accumulations of the protein amyloid beta.

Removing indoor moulds may help keep asthma at bay

Washington, Sept 6 : A new Cardiff University study has revealed that removing indoor moulds improves the condition of asthmatic patients.

Researchers in the School of Medicine enquired about fungal deposits in homes of the patients. Later a trained observer inspected the homes to locate the deposits.

Whole-grain barley or rye bread at breakfast keeps blood sugar in check all day

Rye Bread