Artificial sweetener safe for humans: review

Artificial Sweetener

Diet rich in 'fruity vegetables' and fish reduces asthma, allergy in kids

Fruity Vegetables
Washington, Sept 12 : A seven-year study of Spanish children has revealed that giving kids a diet rich in fish and 'fruity vegetables' can reduce asthma and allergies.

The findings also support the researchers' earlier study that found that a fish-rich diet during pregnancy can help to protect children from asthma and allergies.

Generic prostate drug helps detect fast-growing prostate cancers early

Prostate Drugs
Washington, September 12 : A new study suggests that generic drug finasteride, commonly used to treat enlarged prostate, also increases the chances of an early detection of fast-growing prostate cancers.

Nicotine may increase atherosclerosis risk

Smoking Woman
Washington, Sep 12 : A new study has added to the list of health problems posed by smoking, by finding that it also contributes to atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries.

Researchers from Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City pinpoint their evidence to the addictive chemical in cigarettes - nicotine.

Soft drinks alone do not make kids obese

Soft Drinks

Maternal epilepsy may affect child's I.Q.

child's IQ
Washington, Sep 12 : A new study has found that a child's I.Q. could be affected by maternal epilepsy.
The study, by University of Bergen and Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Bergen, Norway, has suggested that a history of maternal epilepsy and its associated treatment may be linked to impaired intelligence later in life.