BYD reveals Fang Cheng Bao marque’s first electrified model – the Bao 5 SUV

BYD reveals Fang Cheng Bao marque’s first electrified model – the Bao 5 SUV

Publicly listed Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer BYD Limited recently unveiled the Bao 5 SUV – the first model in the lineup of the manufacturer’s newly launched Fang Cheng Bao marque.

Presenting the electrified Bao 5 SUV as a “Super Hybrid Off-Road SUV,” the Chinese manufacturer revealed that the new EV is based on the brand’s so-called Dual-Mode Off-Road (DMO) Super Hybrid Platform, which is a ladder frame chassis incorporating a Xiaoyun gasoline engine as well as a battery pack. To be more specific, it incorporates gasoline engine at the front and a Blade battery between the steel rails, which enables it to make good use of the cell-to-chassis (CTC) technology. According to the manufacturer’s claims, the setup ensures battery safety in extreme conditions as well as significantly boosts overall safety of the vehicle.

The aforementioned battery pack supplies power to the rear-mounted electric motor (e-motor) that has intelligent torque control technology for enabling a turning radius of 11.1 feet. It translates to a turning circle of around 22 feet.

Combined power output has been reported at 670 hp (roughly 500 kilowatts) and there are a total of three differential locks, but the purpose behind these locks remains unknown. It can be easily presumed that the front differential can be automatically locked, while the rear wheels are benefited from an e-locker.

The low-speed gear gets activated with a simple push of a button, while the formerly unveiled DiSus-P Hydraulic Body Control System that was showcased on the YangWang U8 e-SUV comes paired with double-wishbone independent suspension at the front and rear ends.

While the automaker didn’t mention the upcoming vehicle’s actual estimated fuel economy, the hybrid vehicle is said to be capable of achieving fuel savings of 35 per cent compared to conventional similar-sized gasoline-powered off-road vehicles.

Developed under the new-energy vehicle (NEV) project, the Bao 5 SUV was previewed by the SF-codenamed prototype around a couple of months ago. On 25th of August, it will be put on display at the Chengdu Motor Show in China.

The Fang Cheng Bao 5 SUV is scheduled to go on sale later this year through a direct-to-consumer model in China. BYD has plans to reach 60 cities across the nation by the end of 2024. BYD is one of the fastest growing brands in the world. In the first half (January through June) of this year, the brand received 1,248,168 new plug-in vehicle registrations, and the growth is expected to continue in the coming months.

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