Housing Sales Remain Strong in Indian Metros; 7 Cities report Impressive 31 percent Growth

Housing Sales Remain Strong in Indian Metros; 7 Cities report Impressive 31 percent Growth

Indian residential real estate sector witnessed a strong performance during year 2023 with majority of metro cities reporting impressive growth in sales. As per a report published by ANAROCK, approximately 4,76,530 units were sold in 2023 in the top 7 cities, against 3,64,870 units in 2022, marking a 31% yearly rise. The available inventory reduced by 5 percent during the year even as many new projects were launched. The detailed report by ANAROCK follows...

Despite hardening property prices and home loan interest rate hikes in early 2023, it has been a superlative year for Indian residential real estate. Latest ANAROCK Research data indicates that housing sales in the top 7 cities have created a new peak in 2023, breaching the previous high of 2022. Approx. 4,76,530 units were sold in 2023 against 3,64,870 units in 2022 across the top 7 cities – rising by 31% Y-o-Y. The last peak in the decade was seen in 2022, after 2014, when approx. 3.43 lakh units were sold in the top 7 cities.

MMR witnessed the highest sales of approx. 1,53,870 units in 2023, followed by Pune with approx. 86,680 units. The two western markets together led residential sales in 2023.

New launches across the top 7 cities saw a 25% annual rise – from approx. 3,57,640 units in 2022 to approx. 4,45,770 units in 2023. MMR and Pune saw the most new launches, together comprising an nearly 54% share of total new launches in the year.

Anuj Puri, Chairman - ANAROCK Group, says, "2023 has been phenomenal for the Indian housing sector, despite global headwinds, rising domestic property prices, and interest rate hikes over the first half this year. Housing sales in the top 7 cities breached the previous high of 2022, and new launches stayed in step with the current housing demand.”

“It was widely expected that rising property prices and interest rates, along with global market upheavals and uncertainties, would impact residential sales," says Puri. "The market put paid to these predictions. Q4 2023 maintained the strong momentum set during the entire year with more than 1,27,370 units sold in the period. Interestingly, NCR was seen as deliberately restricting new supply in the year, to approx. 36,735 units, though it witnessed extremely healthy sales at approx. 65,625 units. With this cautious approach, NCR reduced its unsold inventory stock by a very significant 23% annually.”

Demand is likely to remain undeterred in 2024, even with average prices likely to appreciate by 8-10% across the top 7 cities. The unchanged home loan rates in the second half of 2023 helped maintain the overall positive consumer sentiment.

"While housing price hikes over the year did give rise to demand concerns, the unchanged home loan rates helped keep sales on an even keel," says Puri. "Inflation in India has also more or less stabilized, and further hikes in the lending rate seem less than likely. The Indian economy remains bullish, and this directly correlates to residential demand. And, equally importantly, new supply is dominated by Grade A developers who are completing their projects on time. This is a strong housing demand bulwark.”

Among the budget categories, luxury housing demand increased exponentially as homebuyers continue to look for bigger livable spaces post the pandemic. The new luxury supply addition across the top 7 cities in 2023 has jumped up five times when compared to 2018. There is no reason to expect luxury housing demand to taper off in 2024.

On annual basis, housing prices rose by between 10-24% across the top 7 cities, primarily due to increased input costs and strong demand. Hyderabad recorded the highest yearly jump of 24% in average residential prices – from INR 4,620 per sq. ft. in 2022 to nearly INR 5,750 per sq. ft. in 2023.

Available inventory as of 2023-end

On an annual basis, available inventory declined by 5% in 2023-end across the top 7 cities despite strong new housing supply during the current year. Approx. 6 lakh units are available for sale across the top 7 cities in India. Interestingly, NCR saw the highest decline of 23% in unsold stock on a yearly basis – from approx. 1,23,690 units by 2022-end to approx. 94,800 units as of 2023-end. This is the first time since 2013 that NCR’s unsold stock is less than a lakh units.

MMR recorded the highest sales in 2023 across the top 7 cities. With nearly 1,53,870 units sold in 2023, the city witnessed an annual increase of a significant 40%.
Pune recorded sales of around 86,680 units in 2023 - an increase of 52% over 2022.
NCR recorded sales of approx. 65,625 units in 2023, increasing by 3% over the last one year.
Bengaluru saw approx. 63,980 units sold in 2023 - an annual increase of 29%.
Hyderabad recorded sales of approx. 61,715 units in 2023 - a yearly increase of 30% over 2022.
Kolkata recorded sales of approx. 23,030 units in 2023 - an annual increase of 9% over the previous year.
Chennai saw approx. 21,630 units sold in Chennai in 2023 - a yearly jump of 34% over 2022.

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